Good Choice – 4 (Shhh Veganism)

I’m a little torn in writing this blog. I have done Vegetarianism in the past, and dabbled a little bit for short periods of my life in Veganism. – For various reasons at the time, most of which intimately personal and having very little to do with most of the reasons people tend to “go vegan” or go “vegetarian”

With cancer, there is an amino acid – Glutamine, that is helpful for rapid cell growth and proliferation. Unfortunately, its nearly next to impossible to “remove” this super vital nutrient from the body. It is however, possible to significantly reduce its impact, and availability. Thru removing Meat & Dairy.

I did a somewhat/loosely phrased Keto Vegan diet for about 6 months. This was after being diagnosis as having the cancer in my brain. My intuition lead me to remove the meat and the dairy from my diet.

For me this was a drastic change. I can tell you that generally, overall; at the specific time, it was a super good choice. It cased a profound and very intimate thing in my body, and life.

I have always been a dairy girl, I still miss my greek yogurt alot, as well as some of my many favorite cheese friends.

Dairy also produces an inflammatory response in the body, gastro and otherwise. Inflammation is the bread and butter of misery related to cancer. It causes the pain, and the soreness. I do feel that removing the meat and dairy, while very mentally challenging and unpleasant did afford me the extra time to get to the place I am now.

Giving up something to which you have grown comfortable and attached is a healthy thing. It teaches us balance and humanity.

I don’t know that I will always be vegan, infact I suspect that my time with these things is limited. They were very good choices at the time, and they maybe good choices for a time still. But I enjoy dairy, and my body does better with some of the meats – particularly missing fish. I do think I have learned alot along this journey about food.

I do also think that this has taught me how to incorporate a lot more veggies and variety of veggies into my diet in healthy and propitious methods. How to center a meal around veggies and healthy foods, vs just staples of a meat and dairy.

Veganish has this thing with it, that I didn’t subscribe to – with so so much tofu. Tofu is not a good choice for me. Tofu in the USA is GMO, and I will say that GMO does not feel like a good choice for pretty much anyone but I know it is a poor choice for me. I have tried pea protein powder, and one of my biggest struggles with keeping veganism a healthy good choice is NOT being a nutritionist. And recognizing the need for protein, but not feeling competent in insuring I have enough of it.

So maybe its a thing to say that while Veganism maybe a super good choice for alot of people, maybe I’m just not the poster child for it.

Its a good choice for me now, and I’ll continue to follow it – not quite as religiously as others — My indian place has this amazing paneer – not at all vegan, and makes me gastro miserable for like 2-3 days, but tastes so good, and makes my body happy.

I have found myself cheating with little things, not huge amounts, but like “oh that had an egg in it…. or that had a tablespoon of butter”…

I will tell you that once you have been “clean” of meat and dairy for 4 weeks, you will feel EVERY time you eat some of any variety. Whether the sauce had meat stock, or the pancake had butter. Your tummy will tell you, sometimes you can taste – depending upon how good the quality of the product being prepared is – but tummy doesn’t lie.

I will say from the good choice perspective, my stomach much prefers the company of any vegetable over any dairy or meat. its just happier all around. Things go in, and go out in a much more predictable manner, and overall my digestive system works like clockwork, and seamlessly. Its one of the many advantages of Veganism.

I think there is a lot of room in this Vegan headspace for Keto or rather, low carb no sugar to be brought out more, and given more raised awareness.

I feel I did a bit, but not really enough, having to eat to survive.

So in the short – Veganism – Good choice for now, maybe change in 6 months or so.

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