Good Choice 3 – ACUPUNCTURE

Okay so I should say, I have had a … issue / fear with needles my entire life. I have never liked them. However, that being said, one of the things I have been aware of is the debilitating ness of fear, and its self disempowerment.

Armed with this knowledge, years ago – maybe 7 or 8 I worked hard to come to more rationale state with my discomfort/fear of needles. To this end, I visited an acupuncturist and got an introduction to it as a healing modality.

Acupuncture is based upon the meridian in the body. It is fundamentally an eastern healing method. It utilizes the energy and strength inherent in the body to fix any stoppages or blocks within that energy that keep things flowing well and fluidly.

Lets talk about this more fundamentally. Our bodies are designed to work perfectly. We often do things that make this perfection work less well. Acupuncture is a specific approach to fixing these bad choices.

I started doing Acupuncture as a part of my self healing protocol around the same time as therapy. I started going weekly.

I have alot ot say about how powerful this experience has been, and the fact that hands down it not only works, it has saved me many times.

Every week I go for a approximately 20-45 minute treatment. Everytime I feel better, stronger and healthier. There have been times I have gotten a cold, gone in gotten a treatment and immediately felt better.

There have been times I have gone in after chemo or after other treatments and felt “bad” the acupuncture treatment has fixed this “bad” and I leave feeling great.

Over one year of treatments, I can say I have never had a mediocre treatment, never had an experience where I didn’t leave feeling more empowered and resonant than before.

I can also controversial speak of the very very few times I have missed a treatment….. going more than 3 weeks without a treatment I didn’t notice, but I did notice that going back it helped fix things I hadn’t noticed were out of wack.

I am honestly enough of a poster child for this treatment, that places I visit on the regular I have a “back up acupuncturist I see”. I always ask for a recommendation for a therapist/office I can see while I travel, but sometimes for one week its just not possible/reasonable to go.

I would highly recommend this good choice for everyone as a small self care thing, that everyone should be doing. It makes doing other smart decisions easier. Making things easier seems like something all of us want.

As to what the actual treatment feels like. …. really it doesn’t feel like much. You laydown, the therapist goes around your body, takes notes, you tell them what you are feeling and needing, they put in needles. You do feel the initial touch from the person, ideally you don’t really feel the needle, and if you do you speak up, the therapist adjusts it and you don’t feel it. They are very very small, and its this crazy thing, they sit in your body, but you don’t really know they are there. They will put them all over your body, to get to the pathways and organ systems. You will feel energy moving, if you are sensitive.

I have a great acupuncturist, that I can’t speak highly enough about, she is AMAZING. Everytime she does a treatment I feel a sense of “complete” when she puts in all the points. If I feel anything missing, anywhere on my body, some spots will itch or sort of burn telling me “hey mention this to her, and ask about what its serving”…. and she will usually put a point in those spots, and I will feel it connect to the other points she has done.

Overtime, I get a sense of when she has finished putting points in, because I feel “set” sort of like doing a perm or a hair color when the hairstylist sits back and goes “time to set”… I don’t’ know if this is from the points themselves or from the feeling from the therapist, I honestly didn’t think too much about it.

I just know, then she leaves me for x amount of time, I lay down and take a nap, because basically I’m just meditating with these things in, and then she comes back and removes them and I leave.

It feels amazing. I usually nap while they are in, sometimes the music keeps me awake, I usually have her use some aromatherapy while she does this, but one of the travel spots doesn’t really do that.

Some Acupuncturist do other things – some are herbalist, some use other healing modalities also. But overall, the acupuncture is the “reason” you are going, and its just incredible.

Most insurances cover some version of this, so I would recommend checking into that first, my particular acupuncturist is a specialist in cancer treatment. Meaning she knows the points to help me deal with side effects and also help my body be strong to kill off the cancer. If you are experiencing a particular physical problem I’d recommend finding one with that speciality. Overall, I would just recommend trying it out for a period of time for yourself, and make notes and reflect how it makes you feel.

I feel this is a super strong good decision, and I also feel if I had any friends or family with Cancer, this and a therapist would be the first on the treatment list.

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