Glad you Came

“The sun goes down, the stars come out, and all we have is here and now. My universe will never be the same…” ~ Glad you came — By The Wanted.

Plan for the one thing, and contingency for the other – thoughts, minds, words, feelings, actions… need more actions.

Had the oddest person tell me that they loved me last night – sometimes when people say the precise thing that you need them to say; but its the most unexpected it its like mom with the warm cookies and cup of milk after a hard day schlepping through the halls. Of course, I don’t recall my own mother ever presenting me with warm cookies and a cup of milk after a long day… but the feeling still is one I recognize as being … a warm blanket on a cold night. Thank you friend.

Sometimes the smallest details seem like such huge obstacles. Sometimes other people’s growing and learning gets in the way of our plans. Breathing, its the most natural thing, we take it so much for granted, and focusing on it seems such a remarkable easy thing to center. Its free, has no strings attached, and in addition to all the work the lungs are doing to purify our bodies, this small tiny focused concentrated effort not only enhances our own feeling of well being, it truly does contribute to the betterment of society in the grand scheme of things.

Snapshots remind me of times and places, I have noticed, that so many of the times and places I specifically chose to remember are wide cosmic greatness scenes, and not ones that happen to include me in the photo. This is something I really should work on improving. Infinite cosmic power, and little old me….. Next time!

Finally got my soul mandala art work piece, long story about this, and to be honest, still not completely certain how I feel about it or the full circle of the endeavor. Its pretty, and I can easily pick out the pieces within the piece that give me pause, but allow me to resonate with its authenticity. There are elements in it though, that really seem … well, I apparently still have some “getting to know me” stuff to work on, because there are some truly wonderful aspects that I have taken for granted. Its kind of like when you get that compliment on breathing — You breath well –… Um, Thank you?

The trouble with letting muscles atrophy is that it takes some effort to get them back into shape and form, but its better to be moving them then to continue to stagnate, so I’ll let this one be short, and consider this a work out — all be it short.

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