Sometimes you feel like a nut…

Sometimes you don’t…

So, I seem to recall mentioning back in a previous blog, or post somewhere… in a galaxy far away, about my relationship to Monday’s.

Today was in line with that general train of thought.

Monday’s & I have a tenuous d├ętente at best, in many cases we struggle back and forth with open warfare.

How does one wage against a day of the week? Quite simple. I do not accept Monday as the beginning of my week. My week begins on Sunday.

When in the course of my weekend activities; it becomes necessary through overindulgence of the Saturday evening activities to not begin my week on Sunday, or to unfortunately begin my week late… it starts my whole week off in a downward spiral, that Monday usually ceases upon as an open opportunity to retaliate.

Starting the week properly. Lets define for a moment. Waking up as or near to when the sunrises. Enjoying, in an ideal case the sunrise, or the moments of quiet when nature hasn’t quite finished shaking off the humble night visages.

Coffee, followed by more coffee, copious amounts to be honest of the java brewed substance; the better the bean, roast, brew, the better the week.

Breakfast – Ideally this consists of protein, carb & fruit… typically my go-to choice is pancakes, not particularly healthy but tasty to make up for the difference.

Breathing, relaxing, meditating — some form of soothing self time 20 minutes or so to remember that I’m a human being, and that I’m loved, adored and perfect in my own form and shape.

Then onto the rest of the day, a balance of chores, cleaning, laundry, gaming, Husband & pup time…. rounded at the end with quiet conversation time to start the week on a solid functional routine role.

This week did not begin in this manner. Struggling with myself to get into a rhythm and finding that the song keeps changing pace.

Today was a day that will not go down in the hall of fame as my best, nor my worst, it will be one of those days, when I did somethings very right, and sometimes less right then I could have done them. I will learn from the things I did today, I will grow, evolve and become stronger. The next time these challenges present themselves, I will create new ways of handling them to develop better resolution.

But for now, I think I’ll just go find some more of that coffee, so I can get the caffeine monkey to shut the hell up and stop pounding on my head.

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