Tooty Fruity

Today is a happy day. I’m on second cycle start of new protocol – and we are using some old tools to bring about some new tools. As mentioned the first two weeks requires me to “rise and shine” around 5:30 immediately stick something worth 150-200 calories in mouth and then take Chemo meds – because I know this is clearly the highlight of my life.

The ability to see something for a positive is an interesting thing. I’ve decided to turn this into an “opportunity” to visit some of my truly less than “best” breakfast options, as a means of soliciting that little kid to get me excited to get up and do this.

This tactic is working brilliantly from a logics perspective – it also feels like its doing amazing things — we will see in the tests how it may need to be tweaked, and there is time for brainstorming.

This means however, I get to give in to those desires that come for just “they asked for chocolate cake for breakfast...” types of things – and my little girl is no exception. I did however find there is “too much” of some things, lol which I would never have expected. Take those double chocolate muffins from Costco that always look – AMAZING – and taste AMAZING — well they are still okay but right now, the very thought of them is kinda meh to me lol – which is sorta sad from the perspective that they freeze so well and I thought I had a solution. Not so we want variety.

Today was all about variety. Talked to Doc yesterday, and it was amusing to see a doctor “NOT’ disagree with my hedonistic plan to just eat something delicious for breakfast. Today we went dino and visited some long lost old friends – channeled my inner Fred and Wilma and had some “Fruity Pebbles” — which I can honestly say has been likely alot more than 30 years.

So a few things happened – one they are just as I remember sort of like crunchy little squirts of flavor in every bite, turning the milk all sorts of cute little fun colors. The second was I was taken back to a memory that was both pleasant, amusing and safe – things I need as much as I can get of right now in these times – Thank you U M and A R for having these for your babies. Thank you for having me babysit – because the memory was enjoying a bowl with them of this in that old kitchen you had where all the babies were born. So many lifetimes ago, so many positive vibes. Thank you.

While I know it isn’t good to reminise too much – ruminations having the tendency to take and drag you under like a shark wrestling for its pray – it is good to hug them, acknowledge them, see them for the good and the bad – embrace what you need and move on.

Now I find it very interesting that the box for this stuff was 11 oz, and a serving is one cup 8oz — and they say there are 9 servings in this little bag. I am certain the person that did the math and all the experts that validated this must not have seen the immediate … gap? While I know dry does not exactly equal wet, they are just not that far divergent – but we shall see – I’ll atleast be able to enjoy what I got for enough more servings.

Somehow this plan is having other side effects – my little girl inside is spunky and she has loads of energy so today is Chai day, and baked acorn squash — thank you Aunt Maureen for showing me how easy it is when you put some of your umphf into your kitchen and out comes amazing things (although I still am not brain enough for crabcakes/salmon cakes -but it could be just not overly enjoying those flavors). I have the formula I’m using for this squash down pat and man it comes out so amazing! (Butter, Coriander, Cinnamon, Thyme (1tbs for each spice in each half) 375 – bake 1-1.5 hours until super soft. Put into a container and pull out the pool of extra spice/butter if you aren’t a heavy spice person (I am) — and cool. The stuff tastes amazing cooking with those flavors, the house smells amazing and then when you separate and store the containers you get 2-4 depending on how much you want to eat at once, servicing’s of delicious healthy acorn squash that tastes a touch like pumpkin pie but alot more savory than sweet.

Overall Life is good!

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