Seven degrees of Seperation

There used to be an old meme – before memes really, about the seven degrees of separation from “Kevin bacon” – basically the premise was that if you count those “and then that person” — or the touch of the touch of the touch – we are all connected.

This goes through my mind alot when I have to go places that people are doing “dumb” things.

We had to go to Costco the other day. Physically go. We get a rewards check from them that has to be cashed in person – and since its under my name I need to be there.

I am on this new treatment protocol – which is …. well lets just say, I feel like a paper doll these days – my immune system feels like its blowing in the wind.

So we go, super early to costco right after they opened – which is earlier on the day we went, and we go to the service area. The couple in front of us has no masks. They are a post 50 couple, not in ideal body form, and they are just talking along like all of the world is not the way it is.

I am sitting back, 15 feet from the door – since the Delta Varient spacing is 10 feet, and even though I have had my vaccine – I can’t booster yet because of the new protocol at this time, so I’m sitting here — feeling alot like the people are playing russian roulette with my life. They have a gun pointed at me, and they are just flipping that chamber.

Because it is honestly safer for me to assume everyone has it than maybe they don’t. Seven degrees – the likily hood that they have in their ignorant childlike happy go lucky state, been exposed to another ignorant child like happy go lucky state, and on and on – until one of the seven layers got “unlucky” with exposure – well then the whole pyramid comes crashing down, and we get the reason why its the third leading cause of death in the USA. — Move over Cancer, there is a new bad guy coming, and the best part – he is totally avoidable if we didn’t have so many people that just ….

Well there is a part of the brain that should be “applied” to a situation, and a part that you can put on auto pilot – its like that part that comes alive when the crazy person car is coming right for you on the freeway – you either move out of the way – even though they are “unreal” by driving the wrong direction, and they can’t possible exist – you still have two real choices – Ignore them, or act.

Its the same with life – ignore or act.

Just being aware that I am connected — atleast statistically and from the seven degree game from the past (I never could figure out someone that didn’t lead me back to Kevin Bacon) — to nearly everyone suffering, everyone contagious, and everyone dying from this situation – I just gotta be like fort knox used to be – and protect my own ASSETs. Clearly that is my one job.

Life is good.

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