I learned something this morning – its sorta hard to explain and its completely Alethia Insanity. Nine is more important than seven.

No need to further elaborate on this, the lesson came blatantly clear and I had an aha moment. Thank you.

Yesterday was an amazing orange sky – P made a mention so I’d take a breather and appreciate it. It was one of those skies that the universe sends to remind us that we are not the end all we think we are – there is more happening than we have awareness of, and clearly it happened before we arrived, and will continue to occur after we are gone.

It was an amazing holiday weekend – we did nothing. I think thats part of what makes it amazing – Rest is apparently a thing, nothing is apparently a thing – both can be just as tiring as “something” and “some thing”

Today seems to be a productive hopeful day – thank you again to my new knowledge. Faith in the fact that if I get lost, I can just dori and things will turn out fine.

There are some things in the flux of life of which I am apprehensive, this weekend we took some time to clear a few of the things out of my headspace – but its remarkable to me now quickly that space evaporates into being absorbed after its cleared. The thing about life is the ongoing journey of clear, acquire, learn, evolve – so breathtaking so beautiful so often trying and annoying but wonderful in those moments of revelation.

Hurrah coffee – I put in another order for the new place I’ve found to enjoy and am enjoying a cup of it now – I did find the Pumpkin Spice I had did turn out MUCH better with age – the flavors subtled and this has made all the difference.

Had a weird retrospective the other day about the closet doors I painted so so long ago with multiple colors – Four to be exact – and a wonder about someone else covering that up not realizing the amount of joy derived from the pleasure of seeing the fruits of labor evolve daily – Its not unsimilar to the yellow roses we stenciled and painted on the window wall in my home when we first arrived – its a frequent reminder of the joy available to be had – the feeling of the moment for what I’d need down the line – and its so so true. But its much the same – because now its time for a new spark….. Just haven’t yet demised where that will be….. Several things have … crossed my erratic mind of late, and waiting to see which one sticks on the wall – aha spaghetti.

Overall and in grand abundance – Life is good.

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