Snow Day

We had snow yesterday! Wasn’t just a light flurry after dark that litered the ground with white …. this was a full on “blizzard” for us…. here in Austin.

I remember when I stayed with my great aunt outside of DC – snow days…. when I could not believe it was “raining snow” … have this amazing memories of just sitting and watching it come down and stick to the trees and litter the ground… it was so amazing.

This was one of those days yesterday – it snowed the majority of the day…. It never quite lost its uniqueness – its amazing beauty. Thank you Universe for providing such a beautiful thing.

P video taped, and flew his drone and got some amazing video of the snow…. it wasn’t subtle, or was it light – it was literally like so many of our rains, but in icey flake fashion. My trees, the yard, the houses, the streets all look beautiful – even the next day as it “tries” to melt it off… but its quite a few inches to melt, and its just not quite getting warm enough to do it.

The extreme of this – the just bliss of this rare pleasure, this ability to enjoy and smile — while knowing its unlikely to linger long.

Starbuck does NOT enjoy the snow – well I should be more specific – something about pooping with cold wet stuff touching your bum does NOT appeal to him in the slightest – he found the one spot in our yard — where the gutters hang over, where he could poop in peace from this white cold covering up all his smell spots. He did enjoy watching it, and the crunch his paws made in the powder.

They called me from the place I go for appts Mon/Fri – to let me know they would be closed today… it was so sweet to be able to share this joy with one of my nurses, to thank her for the call, and to wish her a great snow day.

While there are parts of the country covered in this stuff for much of the year – and while they get it at a regular frequency – its such a unique thing for here that its relish able and savored like many fleeting pleasures.

Again I feel this is the balance for all the things that have been weighing so heavy on my heart. This is a hard time to be alive – yet I wouldn’t have it any other way. The hard things are the ones that teach you the strength you have within, and how to grow to be a better person. It is however, super uplifting when the universe sends you a reminder that its not all hard – that some days, are meant for just listening to the wind, and watching the snow fall on the ground.

Thank you universe for helping restore my faith that it won’t be be here forever, and that all things much change.

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