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There are a few things heavy on my head of late. They have been around the past few months and after multiple reframes – some more successful than others – I feel its time to give a shout out to them and let them go.

This is not the first nor will it be the last time that a global but decides to grace us with its presence. Bugs – specifically virus’s are smart. Read an interesting commentary recently – and I would like to take a brief moment to shout out at how happy I am at being able to read …. even if it is in very small amounts… the chemo brain is bad, but being able to read enough to take in some intelligent commentary is such a blessing. I digress.

I read an interesting commentary that we “judge” the “smart” of a creature against our own abilities, not against its own abilities. This is an extremely understandable, and short sighted value system. It would be like judging a story based solely upon whether it had exactly what you needed, instead of what it has …. using this judgement system I would NEVER EVER consider the home depot to be valuable.

The commentary was based upon animals, and our assessment of how “intelligent” they are based upon their ability or inability to complete tasks we complete. I feel it would be better to call this judgement “how human they are…” vs “how intelligent they are” but getting this value system changed is definitely beyond my abilities, and probably beyond the scope of this society.

Virus’s are smart. This one is especially smart. They are also incredible impatient. This is a good thing, it means our vigilance is on our side. Our tendency to be lackadaisical is however, not.

Washing hands frequently is one of those things I have often considered my tendency to be OCD. In light of this current environment, perhaps it is less OCD and more unconsciously cognizant of the existence of smart entities that are unable to survive in water combined with the use of specifically targeting soaps. This opens up another whole can of worms – or thought — are these and the other smart bugs out there able to survive in water with specifically targeted soaps? Is it like swimming in shark infested waters? Sure it can be done, but why risk the potential endangerment.

My fear is that their intelligence will eventually develop “tools” to overcome these minor feeble protections we have at present.

The vaccines that are available are somewhat about making “us” a less viable source of food — right now, our bodies look like a duffs or some other brand of all you can eat buffet to these bugs.

As a society we have de nutrient ourselves, and our food supply to the point of critical mass. We have stuffed ourselves full of goodies that are nutritionally defunct that we call food, but really is just not. We have for all intent and purposes over the past 50 years changed the definition of “food” — its more now with “what we put in our mouths” rather than “what value this provides”

Our bodies are filled with bugs. Science has recently identified that roughly 90% of our bodies are NOT our DNA but rather a synergistic biome of bugs providing for our existence. These are also smart bugs. We are like Santa to them — we drop presents or coal down the chimney on the daily …. maybe their days are not the same as ours? Another interesting spiderweb there. We either help them thrive or we help them die. They in turn help us be stronger or weaker and more able to fight off the virus’s that could possible be invading our fleshy body.

These vaccines to this latest smart bug are targeting the RNA – the part of the 10% …. What if the concept changed and we were more cognizant of the 90% and we targeted THEM to be in charge of removing this invader… we supply weapons to the “home grown” and let them take care of us…. as they have always/often done. When you eat something bad, or when your body is subjected to something “not good” its not really your DNA that goes in to fight off the bug…. Its the signals you send, that call in the troops to battle that invasion….. why not just support them better to help them be stronger to be better prepared to handle these invasions. I’m not smart enough to answer this question or thought.

Last year, before the election even started – all though there is an argument that it started more like 4 years ago after the last one was won…. and that everything accomplished or done over the past 4 years has been nothing more than driving to this point. I made a comment that it wasn’t about the person, it was about “whom” was trusted to protect your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

There is was no doubt in my mind that this wasn’t 45 at the time, when I made this comment. There is extreme sadness in my heart over the people I have always considered wise, to be unable to see that not only is MY life, MY liberty and MY pursuit of happiness unable to be protected by a mad man, but our society as a whole is not only being undermined – he is directly impacting the lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness of those I care about, and need protected – all in the name of some financial socialist objective that will become clearer in years from mow. I never expected to see a second Hitler in my lifetime. Now that has changed, and I’d like to see a different outcome than my grandfathers fought against another country to eliminate. There is no rational excuse or reasoning I will ever understand for inciting violence in defense of power, that is not the basis for our country, our country was founded on precisely the opposite of this concept. Power in defense of life, power in defense of liberty and power in defense of happiness — I suppose one humans vision of happiness could be to incite civil war.

Maybe we need to have the TSA protecting our government buildings – I remember two decades ago when I went to visit the capital building – how my nail clippers were confiscated at the detectors for the building. How in those two decades has security at our national buildings been so compromised? Oh wait, 45 is in charge of national security – he has an agenda for civil war clearly, I wonder if the other humans — the ones misguided into supporting him see him for the self serving individual he is…. The one that has declared bankruptcy more times than I have fingers, and is still given loans to start some other guaranteed to fail business endeavor. … but this is the man that has created the cult to follow him….. I think thats what you call a group of people who without rational thought to implications or intentions follow a leader blindly down a path paved with intentions into hell.

There is always the possibility that I’m wrong. There is always the possibility that my thoughts are short sided, or driven by a desire for equality and safety …. and above all preservation of my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This is a year I’m sad to be an American. It doesn’t represent what has been fought for more than 200 years. I guess that’s what happens when we leave a failed business man selling us snake oil in charge of our highest office for four years. He will use his failed skills to destroy a nation.

I guess I’ve taken my “non political” views to a whole new level of opinionated. These are just thoughts that refuse to be silent in my head.

My hope that someone will take away his microphone and throw him out of our town, so I can go back to focusing on healing.

The things going on in my own body seem to be somewhat a reflection of this macrocosm of the country . More thoughts on this later when the picture of how it parallels becomes more clear.

It has been exceptionally hard to heal this week, but I’m still fighting, I’m still keeping my body whole – using the intelligence that lives within me and without me to work down to the cells and have a “come to life” conversation. Cancer is a mutation of the 10% — overall in my body its a small portion that I just need to straighten up and fly right.

The weather has turned exceptionally cold – we have a possibility this next week of snow – its so rare as to have the little girl part of me jumping for joy. A friend mentioned she would send me snow angel pictures if it snowed. It made me laugh and smile at the thought, and I realized I don’t’ think I’ve ever made snow angels before…. maybe this is an experience I can take joy in …. if we get to be graced with snow.

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