New Year, New thoughts, clearing

So I had my first nightmare of the new year – I don’t’ know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is definitely a thing – waking up at 1:30 from a weird dream. Definitely a case of what you ask for you get … I’ve been asking for the source of certain patterns in my life – and I am fairly certain this showed me where they have originated.

We got to do some family gaming – using remote software to its fullest last evening. Was so great to be able to see and play with everyone from a distance safe environment. This was a more comfortable thing for some than others, but it was just super fun all the way around. Didn’t realize how much I was missing this family time.

The clouds this morning – when P and I went out for our morning routine – it was this amazingly blue sky with a tinge of grey…. but over the course of our drive, it looked almost as if the universe had pulled up this blanket of grey rain clouds over the blue. By the time we reached back home, the entire sky was suddenly all grey and rainy looking ominous for a day of rain just like yesterday.

Lake McNeely in our backyard is growing beyond the boundaries as usual this time of year. Starbuck decided to go “play” in this lake yesterday – until he realized it was in the 30s and he was freezing. Time to schedule his next grooming appt, also it was rather interesting to see him enjoy being dried hurriedly with the towel, he was quite appreciative. He was also surprisingly calm during the multitude of fireworks action last evening – barking at first through the first slow random intervals, and then it was as if he suddenly realized what all the racket was about, and it was authorized. Dogs are amusing in some things.

I wore a jacket today that I haven’t worn in a few years – its one of my things that I feel clothes should be worn – if they don’t get into the rotation probably they belong to someone else and I just haven’t set them free yet. So I wore this jacket, and it was so neat, it has a really cool flair to it that is very flattering, mostly I wore this one thru necessity – getting distracted from finishing my laundry yesterday where I washed, but failed to remember to dry my normal hoodie – because it got soaking wet when I decided it was paramount to walk up the mailbox, and the rain decided to laugh at me halfway thru my journey.

P mentioned to me about a lady complaining on our community blog areas about someone “farting” in her mail box…. My first thought about this was “how does she have a mailbox” … we have had a community “mail kiosk thing” the entire time in this house – close to 20 years, and I’d really pay money to have a standalone “real” mailbox. Like Post office, please put a mailbox at my house, and stop my mail carrier from deciding to send me to the real post office every few weeks, because they can’t cram anymore advertisements into the box….

So its a new year. When I reflect back, last year was … well it was tremendously chaotic, however it was also extremely educational. I learned so much, as did most all of the folks around me. It has been one of the most educational years for so many people in my circles in decades. While not all education has been pleasant, the positives very much out weigh the negatives, so overall it was a “good” year. Here is hoping that 2021 is a tad less chaotic but just as good as the last.

There are these new vaccines for this invader, and I’m really on the fence about them. They have been pushed thru with so so little indepth review, its really hard to say if they will be nearly as good as they indicate. My chemo, the one I’ve been taking for more than a year – it was in R&D for more than 15 months. But these two new vaccines, they have had less than a few months to be developed, and tested…. and it scares the begesus out of me to be surrounded by people that have taken them. It seems like alot of the opening scenes of the zombie games or movies I’ve seen. “there is this virus…. then a vaccine…. then the zombie apocalypse” …. I just don’t know. One thing is for certain, I’ll need to go fetch a shot gun if it turns out its the zombie apocalypse.

So many things to explore, so many things to learn, so many things to hope for and do…… a whole new year to explore them. Blessings here there and everywhere, and so many things to be thankful for… thank you universe for giving me an amazing year and an amazing group of people with whom to share it.

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