Where in the world is Carmen Santiago

Was talking about the past few years and travel with P today.

Travel has always been one of those things “Id like to do more of this” for me. Was realizing that in the past decade I have taken ALOT of trips, but particularly in the past five years (16+) , and especially in the past 3 even excluding this year (7+), This is alot of travel.

I remember years ago talking to Phil about the idea that my favorite job would have me traveling frequently maybe not once a month but once a quarter, and without even realizing it – I’ve been doing that.

Maybe the trips are not what I envisioned, maybe they are alittle more domestic, a little more family than I had conceived – maybe they were also a little less financially producing than financially expenditure, but still what I wished and asked and envisioned – these things came to pass for me.

Right now, I’m envisioning a body that is whole and able to continue to do this, a world that will enable it vs restrict it, and conditions financially that allow me to do this at a marketable rate, vs having to fit the bill for all of it from my resources.

As a firm believer in the fact of what you put out into the universe is what the universe knows that you want when its time to “provide” those things to you…. and as Time is an illusion – its always time to provide those things to you.

Right now, its “time” for me to be past the learning of cancer. It has provided me with the knowledge I need. I’m still working to master these lessons; however they are all done schooling me, and its time to move to the next phase.

There will be trips “soon” as a relative word for time – to San Francisco to walk across the golden gate bridge so I can see the perspective of the world from that level and sort of throw my energy out into the ethers from there, and feel it travel around and thru the water from that height as well as enjoying the walking adventure across the bridge. It will also be a trip to bond with people I care about.

There will be a trip to Australia – I’m loosely planning this for my 50th – which is a few years away – while I know it will be a “longer” trip, as there are so so many things I want to see and experience, and it will probably include a jant to New Zealand as well, since its far enough away that the travel experience should include many many things on that side of the world.

Hopefully there will be a trip to Indonesia, this one is a little more sketch since I need to be significantly physical more able for this trip – alot of the temples and places I want to experience and explore require significant physical activity and endurance to reach. I will also need a traveling companion that desires this experience, can afford this experience, and is physically capable of dealing with the pressers themselves, as well as possible assisting me.

Many many trips, including possible back to Hawaii, possible Alaska, likely Seattle, Spokane, Oregon, and possible a few other States side locations. Maybe Italy, maybe Greece – so many places I wish to experience, cultures to explore …. I’m very open to the list of places my sister has defined as “cherry blossom trips” …. While not my own personal calling of places, it is for her, and I enjoy traveling with her.

It will be an interesting decade to be certain – just gotta get thru these first few years, and plan it out for maximum exploration.

I am grateful for all these possibilities, and my continued healing and growth. I am blessed to have so many people supporting me on this journey and enjoying the ride along the way. Lets all grow and explore together.

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