The Gambler

Kenny Rogers has come to mind a couple of time lately…. mostly because in addition the “the gambler” which overall seems incredible appropriate to me these days…. This song, for whatever reason makes me think of the Willie Nelson song “pretty paper” which is one of my all time favorite christmas songs.

Oddly I have given both of these songs a listen recently, and neither is as hopeful or positive as I’d remembered. To me, they represent inspiration and the best parts of humanity. In truth, they somewhat represent or seem to thru lyrics how to get by in adverse situations — “get by” not “get thru”

This is an interesting theme that keeps coming back to me over and over again.

I want to live a life of Positive Impact. This is incredible important to me.

Recognizing, that the most important step I can take in this direction at this moment in time, is to seize the day, and put myself first.

This is a hard thing to remember to keep in the forefront.

When bombarded on all sides with so so many other struggles, threatening to pull me under, threatening to smother me in their love and needs. To step back and say “No” …

To be honest, saying “no” is not something I’ve ever been particularly good at; while I have developed a mechanism for it, its not something I enjoy. That being said, its something I can see the import of; particularly right now, and I’m learning to embrace the benefit as a form of enjoyment of this small word, that carries so much weight.

Somethings are easier to say “no” to… “No” I won’t be dying of cancer – simple an easy thing to convey and also to believe.

Other things, like “No” I can’t do that thing you want/need. Much more challenging — however the second one helps facility the first, so I need to remember to stay focused on that.

Many causes for celebration – right now its for the smell of freshly oven roasting bacon in my kitchen. P and I talked, and I think we are going to make some Ginger Snaps this year as a holiday tradition. I didn’t realize that he actually loves these nearly as much as me — I also didn’t realize that they are basically a cookie version of my Marsala Chai … no wonder I love them so much. Some in my future.

Happiness has come and surrounded me like a comfy warm blanket today. I love this weather we are having – even if it makes the trees prosperous with their pollen all over the air…. which in turn makes my sinuses agitated.

There was an odd thing yesterday – a Ginormous Vulture was in our backyard, just off the porch. It caught my eyes, and I basically told it that it needed to leave. It hissed at me, … I got shoes for Phil and sent out my trusty attack dog – okay not really attack dog, but Dogs do love to chase away hissing birds….. It was a tad scary because this bird, was almost the same size as Starbuck…. but he forgets he is a little dog, and he chased that thing with all the size and might of a giant shepherd. It flew off… P eliminated the thing that had called it forth from the air, and hopefully both will have a better time somewhere out of my yard, and life.

Sometimes its good to remember the circle of life, particularly when you are chosing to change the rules, and evolve in a direction that is better for you, but goes against what others have declared is “the way” ….

So many blessings, and the best of them is that its December – we get a few more weeks to enjoy this blessed month, this holiday… and then usher in a new year of blessings in this decade of gratitude.

While I don’t think there is a quick resolution of these forced times of contemplation all of us are experiencing – I do feel that as the decade progresses, better roads will become available, and we will be evolving as a species to a better place.

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