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There was a ride at Disney World – apparently at disneyland too- called “Carousel of Progress” — the theme song for that ride was originally “There is a great big beautiful tomorrow” – which was replaced by “The best time of your life” – atleast in my “age” — That song has been going thru my head alot lately.

I had Surgery this week – it was “successful” they found 2 stitches, that had lingered since my 2016 surgery. They are gone now. This will hopefully render the “camping site” for Staph as obsolete – sorry Infection, no more wilderness in my body for you!

The doctor, apparently knowing me all too well – packed time releasing pain meds into the wound – knowing from my two previous surgeries, taking meds is not something I particularly do… choosing to use the pain as an indicator from my body to “sleep” … It makes me smile smuggle – both because she is that good of a doctor to decide “Yeah not gonna give you a choice this time…. ” and also because she is that good enough of a person to say “pain keeps you from healing sister, let it go” — I’m so blessed to have her in my medical team, I wish her speciality wasn’t just surgery – she is one of the doctors I would absolutely go to as a GP – the only doctor I’ve found that I trust enough for that.

The downside is, that I’m a little more groggy and generally in alot “less” discomfort than would be a good signal to me to “rest” so I’m having to just say “welp we can sleep so lets go ahead and sleep”…. Thank god for the progress I’ve made over the past two years so that I know how to do this now… because Old preC Alethia didn’t. I’d be wired, and utilizing this time for “insert anything in the book to for going or doing”

Apparently I have a new second cousin, this is such an exciting year for new babies. Its like life is giving the rest of the world the big middle finger. Oh you gonna do xyz things that are horrendous? Yeah well, see the beauty I can still put out into the world? I win.

Its amazing to me, that even though there are so many struggles, so many challenges…. there is just so much beauty. There is just so much good, so many precious things happening every day, so much to be blessed, graced, and thankful for and about….. It really is the beginning of a decade of gratitude.

So because of the surgery I get this wound vac thing, and only 1 – but still 1 of these “magic medical” drains. This basically makes me the reverse hunchback – I am hunching because I have this extra two pooches in the front. Because of the position, it makes it excessively hard to wear things, so its basically robe and slipper time for me for a bit. … No complaints.

I was thinking this morning, how grateful I am for the robe I’m wearing. It was a gift from a friend, and it is just so comfy and fuzzy. Robes are a cool and comfy thing but one of those things I’ve very rarely indulged in – which kind of makes this recovery time special – because this is “robe time” I get to be the crowned princess in my own home, and enjoy just lounging around for health.

Its an amusing thing for me, now if I only had a scepter, I could crown or knight people – yes yes, you can be promoted. Starbuck was amusing the other day – apparently with my “sleeping after surgery wedges” I take up a good bit of his bed space – he isn’t overly amused with this, but he has been ultra concerned with ensuring I’m “doing okay” – when he came up the yesterday morning to try and “pounce” on my stomach and I stopped him with a look and a pet he was like “Oh oh, okay we wait back here” … He will be glad when this ordeal is a little further in the rear view – I’m blessed its in the rear view right now.

Still waiting to hear how the new culture was – and if I still need more antibiotic, but its a really really happy thing to know I’ll be finished with those soon.

The end of the year is rapidly upon us – and all the fun decorations are starting to come out – I have to say I’m sort of happy to see the giant GIANT jack o lanterns in my neighborhood – yes there was more than one, the size of a house – go away. I don’t dislike halloween – I love all holidays, but it isn’t in my top 5, so its nice to see those creapy things go back into the package for another year – and its super fun to see all the fall things popping out all over the place.

Its very fun and interesting to me to watch people decorate – and honestly get more “at home family” time by necessity and also by convenience right now. People that hadn’t decorated, people that you didn’t necessarily chat with – these are conversations that are occuring now more frequently – talking and bonding with the neighbors – things that were NOT a part of my generation overly much – are popping up like new flowers in a garden of “home”

Just glad to be here to enjoy this time, blessed, grateful and thankful for a litany of friends and people checking in with me, and virtually hugging me with their love to help me heal faster. Its a great time to be alive.

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