There is a juice place – Juiceland. That makes amazing fresh veggie and fruit juice. They used to have one close, but the one we are using now is pretty far away.

There celery juice is amazing. Their “I dream of Greenie” is just fantastic, and they have this shot – with Ginger, Turmeric, Lemon juice that is both super potent, and just “Pow” to your immune system.

They are not cheap, but everytime I get it, my body bows its head, and folds its arms, and says “thank you” with all the gratitude of the universe.

Its very very hard NOT to want to have this feeling all the time. When you know something so powerful is so good for you – NOT getting it is…. well it feels like being a custodian of your palace and not picking “the best” wallpaper, or the “best” floor…. Yes, yes contractor we will go with the “cheap crap” it won’t be as pretty or as good, but it will be cheap.

P has taken to calling this place “Israel” because even in the most direct route, its significantly further away than any of my other appts and not close. Apparently the one that used to be closer; and somewhat on the way to/from many appts; closed – the manager of that location is now the manager of this location – so the quality and happy employees seeps through the entire experience.

P will ask me, “Do you need to go to Israel?” – and in my head now, I’ve started calling this juice place “Israel” – I am not a jew. While it is something I completely revere. While it is something I can think of no higher respect than to honor it by marking my journey to the healthiest most incredible place here in town that I can frequent – with this title…. I can also see why its potentially irreverent.

The bane of seeing things from both sides.

We were talking today – about the fact that there are NO drive thru Indian restaurants. How this is 100% a missed market. How I told P that what we need is to find an Indian family that is able to cook incredible things, and willing/wanting to open a restaurant … and be silent partners.

I can visualize this incredible place, with NO indoor seating. Outdoor pavilions/pagodas that could be decorated for each holiday…. but could be hosed off for cleaning, to ensure its safe and clean. With a drive thru, to enable delivery…. maybe a walk up window, but maybe not. Maybe just a drive thru for order/pick up.

When we were talking about this, I said one of the most racist things I’ve ever come to say…. realizing it as soon as it slipped out of my head/mouth. The Indian restaurants that are “the best” are only staffed with Indian people. When an Indian restaurant goes bad or down hill – is when they staff or higher white people. I don’t know why this is the case, and I can see that it’s probably “not” that they are intentionally “not” hiring white people…. more that they have enough family or relatives in need of safe work to staff.

So I think, maybe with my recognition of my flaws of racism, I’m not cut out in this day and age to open this restaurant – but I certainly do wish there were a drive thru indian restaurant … and I wish Juiceland were closer.

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