Do the dinosaur

There is a song… “walk the dinosaur” — with wonderful lyrics like: “Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom” — its one of those songs, that can’t help but make you happy.

It also talks about the dinosaurs and while its kinda easy to acknowledge they are extinct, it’s also kinda a cautionary tale.

Thought occured to me, which will seem a little spiderweb ish but is gonna go back to this tale…. This time, this day and age…. this virus… its one of the most social impactful things for tying together the “alike” ness of humanity. While there have been times in history as P so cleverly pointed out to me, in the past where “things” forced a societal shift in “this is good” or “this is bad” … they were not as global as this one is…..

Instantaneous communication allows for instantaneous shifts. Its like humanity as a whole has developed this incredible superpower. The ability to instantly – or with in a very short period of time – change an entire “thing” …

Oh the possibilities of this….

In this particular case, its about survival, so adoption is pretty much kinda a no brainer, and its easy to ostracize those that “don’t” comply…. not certain whether this is actually a good or bad thing… but it is definitely “a thing” — and the power for good or bad is clearly self evident.

The possibilities of this, for climate change, or for social integration of deltas in lifestyle or perspective… is so so inspiring. Knowing that this tool is out there, is both incredible frightening and incredible liberating. There is the possibility of change.

The thought was put before me that this virus … is Mother Natures way of culling the herd of humanity. Its a way of reducing the excess population. I don’t know if I support this concept wholly… but it is an interesting thought. Also makes me ponder if Virus’s/Bacteria are actually a superior species than humanity…. Much like a predator is generally considered as a superior species — or maybe superior isn’t correct, but higher in the food chain. We are effectively food for this virus.

When we congregate, and make it easier for the virus to spread, we are effectively providing them with a smorgus borg of humanity to enjoy. Dunno why my head has gone to this space, but its part of recognizing that all life – even annoying virus’s is a precious thing. … I will just continue to pray that it leaves my friends, family, and all of the loved ones of my loved ones alone.

I wonder what the planet would look like with extinction of humanity. Or in another random thought – what did it look like when the dinosaurs were the head honchos on this world…. I wonder if they considered what it would be like without them thriving. Humanity is strong and resourceful… I don’t think the extinction events that killed the dinosaurs would actually whip us off the planet… I’m not precisely certain what would, but while we are here, perhaps being better stewards is a thing.

Or atleast more singing and dancing…. “Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom”

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