Badminton Vs Tennis

This is always one of those things that has been on the back of my mind as “I wonder what the difference is…” … Never really having a keen appreciation for this, they were both pretty much the same to me with subtle differences – today I educated myself on the difference here: – basically seems to boil down to Indoor vs Outdoor, Bounce, and scoring…. Seems strikingly similar to RL atm…. we are stuck as badminton when we would rather be tennis. — not to say there is anything at all wrong with badminton – except when you want to be able to tennis.

Probably have mentioned this many times as is the way of things now, but I feel its an enlightening time …. mostly because alot of folks are experiencing what those serious ill, and those retired experience significantly more….. isolation, and the challenge of “how do I find fun, physical comfort, and activity” while staying inside. Its like 2020 has turned everyone into a “life” gamer — solve the puzzle to get your pez dispenser of happiness. … yes you too can be a gamer! Solve the crisis of today…. keep up your sanity….. find your resources – food, house things, money…. Keep up your health….

Its an odd realization that everyone is now stuck in the Alethia way of life – life is a game… we are winning if we are still alive. The goal is to find enough “wins” within the game to keep yourself “winning” — in an ideal world to keep yourself winning Stellar.

I feel like the fact that everyone else is being … forced? That seems like to harsh a word, but strongly encouraged doesn’t quite seem right either…. Its not exactly coerced …. its “something” — everyone else is “something else” into living life the way I have for my life… is somehow oddly comforting. Its like I suddenly have a stadium worth of other gamers, where there were but a handful before.

This stadium somewhat creates new aspirations/objectives for me within the game — of trying to help ensure my “team” — friends and family – are strong, and doing okay, and winning. I’ve always had this objective, but now it seems to be significantly more satisfying than ever before…. maybe I leveled up? Maybe Pandemic times offered me some sort of weird life power up? Seems Legit.

Overall, life is pretty good right now. Went to acupuncturist today – and like usual I have to be careful what I wish for, because I am manifesting like a fiend these days…. I told her “I’ve been experiencing really cold lately – is there anything you can do about this with this treatment?” …. about an hour after the visit, I”M NOT COLD ANYMORE!! =— its kind of a great feeling to go from being “freezing” to “not cold” but well, its also a warmer–>hot feeling that I wasn’t actually expecting to hit me like a brick wall. Thank you universe for immediately answering my concern…. After so long just being cold, its kinda nice to be not cold for a change.

Got to spend time with my siblings today for the appt run… There is something deeply comforting about time with them… it feels a bit like the cheers feeling of “NORM!” — except I don’t have to buy beer, or sit on an uncomfortable barstool.

R came in and re-arranged things in my meditation/guest room – something I’ve been needing help with for a while – his activation energy was good today, so we got a ton of shifting things done…. I am hopeful that this new arrangement will “keep” a little better – he made some fix suggestions that I’ll need to work on but all in all it looks pretty darn great.

This weekend marks the half century birthday of one of my favorite nurses, she is my adopted sister, and I am so so glad that a little bird told me so I could pop over and sing to her. It was an incredible thing – this is a hard year for celebration moments…. they won’t come again, but they are still important even with mindfulness and safety. I’m so glad she is in my life; and I’m glad I got to celebrate this even if in a small way with her.

Next week is chemo, and I’m dreading it already, trying to not think about it – I wish I could actually go thru some cycles without infection so I would “know” which things are from which thing…. but probably not going to be this next cycle …. so the ten million bandaids of “this and this and this and this” will still be my backpack full of goals for the next month. I am blessed and grateful for this new drug – and for the researchers, that were able to think outside of the box in a way to create something that is magical, healing, and helpful. They pulled a rabbit out of their hat, and that rabbit turns into a bird that allows cancer to fly away.

Here is hoping for more magic and blessings.

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