My dog has fleas

This is one of those quick sung expressions I learned many years ago when learning guitar, and also a voice warm up exercise. Itunes you thru various notes, so you can match up and warm up in tune. Its kinda stuck with me in my mind… like all those other things I do by rote.

Another one from voice training is “Many mumbling mice, are making merry music in the moonlight, mighty nice” — silly the things we remember. After repetition, repetition, repeticion…. Like those Spanish phrases I learned in class – or in life…. When I was dating the monorail guy at Disney — “Por favor mantente alejado de las puertas” (please stand clear of the doors) —

These things just stick in your head…. things like “preheat the oven” — common knowledge things, or personal knowledge that acts like common knowledge for the individual…

These things, are struggles for me. I have muscle memory, and I have all these random numanics for so many many varied things in my head… but in the past they had a rhyme and rhythm now they are like a soup that just periodically spells out “Glee”

Today we had a challenge- P is encountering learning hurdles with his new toy, and he typically would bounce these things off me…. doing a quickly explanation which I’d pick up and then be able to be a sounding board for his challenge…. but not so much anymore. The “fast assimilation of knowledge” just isn’t so much in my wheelhouse right now…. learning new things, while still incredible satisfying – well it goes at the antithesis of light speed, requiring significant repetitions, and a lot of time for me to assimilate. This is really frustrating to me, only because of the perspective that I know it used to go faster…. and because its very easy to see how it would be frustrating to others.

Its a bit of a frustrating thing that I’m in a position where I have to implement the “smile and nod” tactic much of the time. Especially don’t enjoy when I have to do that with P. We talked about it, and I broke down some of the challenges.

Jargon being a huge challenge. Word soup doesn’t do very well when the terminology has so many other references in my head. Like “Slice” for example…. is one of the things that he kept using…. and in my head I kept seeing pie, and pizza… and I was wondering why they were giving him so much trouble. …. and after a few moments, I realized I had completely missed his explanation having gone off in my own head into with the pie and the pizza — it was pumpkin pie incase anyone was curious…. and I’m certain it would have been delicious if it hadn’t been pissing P off!

Damn pumpkin pie causing all sorts of issues with his model printing.

Pretty excited to get my wolf painting back from R tomorrow – he finished up the frame on it, and I can’t wait to hang it. We are going to rearrange my meditation room furniture to make it a little more accomodating for hosting guests – right now I have to climb into the closet everytime I want to open up the bed — this wouldn’t be so horrible if I hadn’t filled up the closet…. presently, I have to sort of “pan handle” to the vacuum for a little bit of space while I balance the side of the bed and get it opened …. then I have to climb over the bed to get out of the closet….. calling it precarious is sort of the understatement of the decade.

Rearranging will help improve the room overall. I’m hoping maybe it will make me feel more comfortable utilizing it more frequently – right now it only gets visited once a week or so — it feels somewhat like a sanctuary – and I’d like to be able to harness the energy in it more for my healing.

Going to be repeating the radical remission workshop again – got mom interested, and we are going to be doing this session together. I am hopeful she will find some valuable tools in it, I’m looking for some of the uplifting inspiration from this second session. While the content will be much of the same, the teachers and personal stories as well as delivery will be different enough that it should be interesting.

Overall, I’m very grateful for the people in my life being healthy, safe, and above all happy.

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