Little things mean alot

And other songs that are stuck in my head… I’m not sure when/where/if I had heard this song by the original artist or by many many remakes…

There have just been so many little things lately. Long drives thru winding tree lined roads, clear skies, warm sunshine – so so many things. A warm smile on a friendly face, particularly since we can’t get random hugs from all the normal people – just the one in my home.

When people are complying with social distancing and masks – that feeling of solidarity in my heart that we all care for our fellow humans.

When I get the random smiling message in text or messenger from a friend or loved one with a positive uplifting message.

The warm cup of coffee in the morning, the breakfast that P lovingly fixed for me ready to eat when I wake…. Just the little things.

I had a sad moment the other day – randomly sad; was having the tasty breakfast P made me, and enjoying the rare cinnamon raisin bagel, and realizing that it just flashed and reminded me of eating these with my grandmother. Sitting at her dining room table, and enjoying one of the bagels she had bought for me, after school or work. Chatting with her about nonsense, the subject didn’t matter, it was the time. So precious the time, in the moment it just seems like its an experience, but in reflection… it means everything.

Realizing in that moment of the flash, that I missed her. That I’d never really mourned my grandmothers passing – any of my grandparents really – all four of them have passed – even my step grandmother passed this year — all of that generation for me is gone. The little things, the memories of shucking peas on the porch with my grandfather. Watching Football with my grandfather. Having breakfast at a disney restaurant with both of my grandparents. The hugs my frail and so small grandmother would give me the smell of her skin and the feel of her strength and warmth – both of them.

Little things mean alot.

In the recent lecture series I attended, one of the things they covered or demonstrated was they had us close our eyes and focus on a memory of a hug. Such a powerful exercise. I have so many hugs stored in my mind, the warm embrace that just reminds you that you are alive, and the person you are hugging is alive. Their smell, their heart beating against you chest. I am blessed, I have memories of all the people I love giving me hugs. I can go back to those in my mind.

Its a good thing to hug. While time is an illusion, its the one we all share, and its fleeting. Its gone in an eyeblink. When we return to energy, hugs are alot harder.

Just never enough of the little things. Seems like the more of them I get the more I crave, the more I need. Its like a tummy that has been overfilled, it expands and grows to the amount its been expanded.

I am blessed to have so many little things. May I always remember to show overwhelming gratitude for all these little things, and return them ten fold for all the blessings they bring to me.

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