I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Song for todays post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LODkVkpaVQA

My peace lily from my dad a few months back – I thought I might have killed it but no! its come back, it has 3 flowers on it now. Maybe I’m curing my brown thumb. My merigolds are also doing pretty well – except for the bird nest in the middle lol – I hope it doesn’t hurt the flowers.

Its amazing to me how animals have this ability to just yoga or sleep where ever they are on the moment. It doesn’t matter that its short, they just don’t consider “not” doing it. I love watching Starbuck sleep, with his little legs jump or spasm like he is running or reacting or playing. It always seems so peaceful. I’ve watched other animals like this too, there is some serendipity to it, like they have all the secrets of the universe and just are trying to teach us by example. Its more than a little humbling.

Lately the thing Starbuck is trying to teach me is that he would really like wet food every day – we have a routine where he gets the wet food every other day. How this works is, so I don’t forget which day it is – I leave the wet food container down. So its either a morning to throw away a container, or to grab a new one. He has picked up on this method, and has decided to alter it. He has started dragging the empty container over near the trash, and almost hiding it. This is also across from the next wet food. I believe his thinking is that if I can’t find the empty container I will assume its wet food day and get him another serving. He is a little foxy in his thinking. Schipperkes are known for being pretty crafty.

Today was an acupuncture day. Always feels so much better after being poked. It helps my chi flow better throughout. Also kinda makes me sleepy – but its a good sleepy – one that triggers the sleep of a thousand years, and I get time for that sleep tonight so I’m pretty much looking forward to long peaceful happy sleeps tonight.

Last week I managed to do some plucking on my eyebrows – something I honestly haven’t done in decades. Getting them waxed by someone who understands how to make them look incredible has just been something worth giving up many other things to ensure. I miss this with all the isolation things. I was sorta surprised how the plucking turned out, while I don’t feel its as great as waxing – I do feel its significantly less burly bear than it was before. If only the hair on the top of my head grew as well and thick as my eyebrows. I suppose I should just thank you luck stars for this growing. Thank you universe for giving me eyebrows that required a lawnmower to trim.

Speaking of lawns…. we have this incredible lawn guy – he has been cutting our yard for many years now – since the last incredible one we had moved on to other professions. There is something about these incredible lawn people that is unique. They just have a passion for this… I have watched “james” cut our lawn, and he is “in the zone” – he is fast, but more he is just really enjoying the work. He cuts, trims, and blows the lawn and porches off and its always super fast, and my favorite part is that its good – it always looks amazing when he is done. Yesterday it was ridiculously hot – we had record heat for the time of year – and I was a little worried about him. He was just so efficient, its just crazy to me. I know there are things I’m passionate about – I know other loved ones with things also – but there is a small disconnect of understanding of someone that could really be this passionate about trimming and caring for lawns – but I do “know” he is…. Its easy to see, and the smile on his face is reflective also.

In the course of our projects, P and I moved the tredmill inside – its too hot to use in the garage so now it will be a living room ornament (I truly hope not) – P has used it twice already so hope springs eternal – I’d like to be using it but with pelvic and back pain its not a good idea yet – maybe few more days. It is pretty nice that we were able to do this project just the two of us – although it was pretty intensive, steps to get up and into the house was a little hard for me, but we did it!

I’m enjoying and relishing the accomplishments. There are so many projects we have in the works, and when we do one, particularly when we are on the same page, its like a harmony with the universe. The clouds open and the sky sings hymns of rejoicing – and mostly I sit with a smile and P sits with a smile of satisfaction that lingers for hours.

We have been finding some humor in odd places, and I have to say, there is NEVER enough humor in life or in the world. Going to have to think about ways to increase it in my daily routine.

I’m very grateful for the blessings in my life, and for the many things I get to do, have been doing, and am looking forward to doing. Its going to be a great second half of 2020.

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