I get by with a little help from my friends…

Always a song lyric 🙂 to start my mind into “lets write” frame…

I am blessed. Particularly so when it comes to the amazing plethora of people in my life. People to inspire me, empower me, to life me up, to laugh with me – all around me.

Yesterday was treatment day. Doctor gave me a nice reality check. Since my incident in Jan I’ve been gaining a little weight. This is a “not good” thing for many reasons. Most of which involve the fact that physically, I’ve made it harder for my job of healing. I mean, I know I love a challenge, but its really sorta rude to pray about something, and not be willing to put in the tiny effort of STOP PUTTING CRAP in your mouth. Thank you to my spirit guides, angels and all the empowering people around me to keep trying to inspiring me. Thank you to god for blessing my oncologist with the correct words/information to relay to me to finally be able to lovingly hold my little kid and explain that play time on this issue is over. The meds I’m on – I moved weight thresholds. Meaning I have gained enough weight that they want to give me “more drug” each time – this is NOT something I want. My doctor looked at me, recognizing this was exactly what I needed to hear, and she said she would compromise with me for “this time” and not give me more, with a goal that I would address this…. I asked her where the threshold is and how much she thought I needed to lose. She explained that the threshold is just 10lbs beyond but it would be better for me to drop 25 of the 30 I’ve gained since January. I agreed with here that this was reasonable. We also changed the regime schedule to 4 weeks, so it will line up with the Luperon. So now I will just have one day every 4 weeks of additional things.

Its funny how when someone places an incentive that is truly desirable to me in front of me, its funny to me how much easier doing or rather not doing things is for me. Thank you to the universe for recognizing one of my strengths and allowing it to help me reach my goals.

So I tried the thing about praying before the treatment, have added to all of my prayers meditations – about helping the medicine reach its target and having the cancer and the extra meds leave my body gracefully – thanking them for their help and lessons. Its amazing how much better I feel after this treatment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still blessedly tired, and the steroid still plays havoc with the schedule, but overall I just feel – well comfortable, much more comfortable.

This is just one of the so so many things out of this workshop/lecture series.

Last nights session was so happy and amusing for me on so many levels, and I LEARNED so much!! Last night was 2 experts on Herbs & Supplements. And the happy surprise to me was that my Acupuncturist was one of the experts!!! Talk about how intuitions lead you to just the right people when you need…. Gratitude for mine.

Both of the experts went thru their information, and it was really good to see that I have a few thing spot on, it was also nice to see a few areas where I have some Good Options for improvement. The way that M structured the supplements as either Detox, Immune or Gut was so helpful – it also allowed me to recognize a few that I could add to the Immune and the Gut – and why my detox might be one I need to back off on periodically without having to give up the Gut ones.

At the end of the session there was a breakout portion – and I met the neatest group of ladies, we shared stories, and later I was able to connect with two of them. Our journeys are all individual, but the knowledge is great to have even if its not overly useful to me now, maybe I’ll have it available for someone else when they are seeking.

I just love being able to help people. My challenge is to ensure I have enough routine and activities planned to make sure I bring my focus back to myself. I’ve always been a giver, just now I am needing to focus that giving on myself – not at the reduction or expense of the joyful experience of giving or helping others, but more at the benefit. The more I take care of myself, the more the universe opens up times, places, and things to help other people. Its like the stronger and healthier I am the more I have available to help.

I made my bucket list of places I want to experience, and the first one on the list is Bali – I don’t know why but this place just well there is some element of my soul that feels it has unfinished business here – and maybe thats just to go sit on a hammock and enjoy the breeze and the sounds of the ocean 🙂 the guided meditation from the other day, actually made me think this is the case.

It was nice to do this exercise of writing the list – and it was nice to know that there are a few in my travel future – maybe not in 2020 but definitely soon.

Life is good, looking forward to tonights session which should cover Emotional stuff. This is one of those areas where I feel “I got it” but part of me intuitively knows “maybe we need some work here” — was talking to a friend this morning, and it came up that I’ve always been an emotionally charged and driven individual so it would NOT surprise me to learn I have some work here – heck my reason for going to a therapist these past almost two years is BECAUSE I recognize there is alot of information I do not have. So looking forward to what pearls of wisdom might come out of todays session.

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  1. I am so glad you are enjoying this series. I too amtickled about the progress M is making and the wisdom she has empowered you to contemplate further.

    I am very proud of you! You are an inspiration.

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