So many revelations – so many thoughts.

This workshop series on Radical remission is just amazing for me. My intuition is spot on, but I am an excessively stubborn person. I was introduced to this information more than a year ago – and to the complimentary information more than 2 years ago. I wasn’t ready for it until now. Thank you again M for this – you are a starlight along my path – thank you. I listened.

The workshop – I typed just now “ship” and that seems so so appropriate the “workship” – because in so many ways for me, its a ship – they are helping guide us along chaotic waters to a beautiful island of restoration and a path for a better stronger healthier life. Bring on the boat! — The workshop – yesterday, was about Intuition.

My ego is such that I said to myself as I was getting ready to go to this session “Hrmmm this is a ten for me — (ten from the categories of “what do you need to work on) – I could probably skip this” — my intuition said “Um, just because something is a ten doesn’t mean you have learned all the universe has to teach you – get your arse in there and pay attention.

I was tired. I was worried about treatments today, I was fidgety – but I went. I committed to attending this, for Myself. This is a program to help ME make a better ME. These other people are devoting there time, for this purpose – what a wonderful thing – these compassionate souls willing to devote some time to help ME get better, stronger, to ask me questions, to help guide me – empowering stuff all the way around.

The class was on Intuition. In the form of this workshop there are two speakers, covering one of the 10 concepts of “radical remission” – Book by Kelly Turner. The first speaker resonated so much with me – I could relate to her story, her information and it was well it was like clapping in my heart for the info she was giving, confirmation and “I got this” moments.

The second speaker, her smile just lite up the room. She had this overwhelmingly strong presence, that as I had started to slip into the “meh I don’t need more info I got this” Her voice and demeanor challenged me to “Pay attention” – and I gotta say I am so so so glad AND BLESSED that I did. She covered opening information, but most of her section was a guided meditation.

I’ve done meditations since I was 13. Being a crazy visual person, guided meditations have always been my jam. I love them. They give me messages that just get past my logic filters and deliver the packages of intuition in clear and concise methods. The meditation she delivered for us, was hands down one of the best I’ve had in more than 15 years. It was calm, and her tempo was perfect for where she was taking us….. It easily opened up my chakras and allowed spirit to convey some information right to me.

It had been a physically struggly day – where I was NOT feeling great – chalk it up to Austin Allergies – but nonetheless I went into this meditation with a slight amount of discomfort. This meditation eliminated that seamlessly – didn’t even notice it slipping away.

There were three specific messages – well honestly more like 15 or so messages for me, but 3 specific that I got out of this session.

She had us ask the spirit/presence/god for information about the challenge – and the answer I got was a very very clear Omega. – In reflection after, and in dreams – this has been made very clear to me. The lessons I was to learn I have learned, this time of challange is coming to an end. There will be many new challanges for me, but this specific flavor – The Big C – is at an end.

The second thing she directed us to ask/get information about was direction or what to be working on – and I again got clear symbols. I got an Alpha and an Ichthys – these two symbols go very well together, and have been in my meditations many many times before – I’m sure they will be again. Its learning for me that I’m starting on something new, and there will be learning, learning, learning as well as the usual blessings/protection that is prevalent in my life.

The third part of the meditation was the spirit gave us a box – a beautiful vessel of information to help us on our journey. When I opened this vessel there were this massive pile of pretty pink hearts – I was running my fingers along them – they were so soft – and they suddenly started fluttering up and all around the space. They were pink, heart shaped butterflies – they had a warmth and love powerfully pulsing from the lady, the box and in the air, they surrounded me, and I was overcome with joy – it was blocking and clearing out old sorry, old locked restrictive emotions. The butterfly hearts fluttered around me, covering my body, from head to toe — After a few minutes they returned to the box, and they settled back down the pulsing still there at first, but it settled back into this amazingly beautiful supply of unending energy. The lady hesitated a moment, and told me I was welcome to come to see her, to get empowerment whenever I needed, but she gave me the box, and she told me it was mine to take, to use for my healing, and to use to help anyone that I felt needed help. I hugged her, she laughed, and she was very etherial. I felt her joy, her strength, her power, her calm her presence and she sent me back up the stairs during the meditation.

When the session ended, I felt so empowered, so strong, so relaxed, and so much healthier.

There was one of the things that came up in the workshop last night, that was a well reminder for me. One of the ladies mentioned that during their treatments they prayed for the treatment to help the cancer find its way, and to pass thru their body unharmed. I remembered doing precisely this same thing for my first two years of treatments. I remember praying during my radiation and having basically no symptoms during most of these — However, I also recalled I’d gotten lazy? Is that what you call when you forget a powerful thing you know you should do but suddenly you just forget it. — Whatever you call it, I remembered and I did it today – at my treatment. With Premeds, Chemo & hormone shot – and I have to say 🙂 so far its helping tremendously. So many good things from these sessions.

I feel these sessions are so so empowering. They are making me strong, reminding me of who I am. Reminding me of how far I’ve come in my journey – its very easy to see “you have so far to go” — but sometimes its nice to see “Yeah but look how much you have accomplished” — I rock!

I am so blessed to be able to help other people, I am so blessed to be doing so well, and I know I will be getting better and better. I also know there will be many many people that I get to stand at the cross roads like a tour guide and point out the options. I love helping people. I am thankful for being alive, but more I am thankful for having inspiring work to challenge and reward me.

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