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There were two hawks on my walk today, soaring over the trees of a neighbors house a couple down from mine. I saw them – as I’ve seen them before, they are a couple – there are actually four different ones that live around this area, and in the green belt behind my house.

As I walked, with my goal of the second mailbox, last walk I made it to the street just past, so while the maibox was my “goal” I had hope of making it to the street. As I approached the street, I noticed there was ANOTHER mailbox just up a tiny bit more. I thought to myself with a slight internal smirk – well you wanted to go for the mailbox, there you go, a little further, you can do it! So I did, I made it to the “third” mailbox today, it was an 18 minute walk – furthest I’ve gone in a bit, and added another 2 minutes to my walk. Felt really good and amusing to me to make it to the mailbox – the third one.

As I walked, I also found it amusing, that there was a guy washing his cars – this wasn’t the amusing part. The other day when I walked, I noticed this guys black car was super dusty/dirty. I thought to myself, wow with all these stay at home things, and the project things, it would be a really good time for car washing. And wow that guy could use it! I had an entire conversation in my head with this imaginary, at the time, neighbor about how good it would feel to just wash his car, and have it be happy. About how we use a car was, and my mind trailed off at the time, to thinking about people like the employees at the car wash – and how they are fairing thru these times. And here today, was this guy just washing his car, I caught his eye today and gave him two thumbs up, and a bright smile, he got the message, and decided perhaps I was right, as I walked back from my goal, I noticed he had started on his second vehicle, also black, also previously filthy, but now in the sure process of being clean.

On the way, towards car guy, I noticed all the overgrown yards, and was thinking to myself how it would be a kinda cool thing to have a free lawn service, and just go cut the part of peoples lawns near the sidewalks, where it is most overgrown, and where it impacts people trying to get in a few hoofs here and there, for the fresh air, and the exercise. On the way back, there was a guy cutting his lawn, starting with the part near the sidewalk.

The universe is listening, what did you want again? Think it out, the power is there. My body is healing. The cancer is leaving my body. I’m learning, growing and evolving into a better, stronger human being.

Had a remote session with my psychologist yesterday, apparently I am overly blessed, as my medical insurance company is the only one that has approved “remote” sessions to date. As we talked, via a pretty cool remote tool she uses, I mentioned to her that one of my heart concerns, is the people least equipped financially to handle this type of a crisis are the ones that are going to be the most heavily hit. Not the salaried upper middle class, they will weather the storm, all be it potentially less comfortable. Its the lower middle class, and the lower class peeps, the ones that work so hard to make alot of things in our society just work, that will be the most heavily hit by this crisis. The people like the car wash employees. Or the shopping store employees. Or the facility people. My heart and prayers go out to them for some type of resolution.

P mentioned an interesting thing, which really struck a cord with me, this situation has a very strong potential to disrupt our free market economy in a very insidious way. Businesses, the little guy, or the epitome of capitalism at work, are the ones most at risk with this crisis. Large corporations, have reserves, and have means to “weather” this storm. But the little guy, having to close his door, which is bluntly probably the most prudent, is going to have the biggest impact. P’s comment was, that this crisis, if it goes on for any period of time, has the potential to drive alot of these smaller businesses into closing. Here is hoping that this storm passes quickly.

Starbuck is a little confused with the two of us being home, all the time. On the one hand, he is super happy that his peeps are all here. On the other, he has decided this is an indicator that we are now at his beck and call all day. Some of his more assertive behaviors are showing a little more than usual now, although some of his loving behaviors are highlighted as well, its hard to say much about it. Yesterday while I napped, he finally tried to use the doggie steps we got a few months back for the bed, to climb up and cuddle with me. He struggled with the last steps, and gave up the attempt, preferring to come beside the bed and bark at me to ensure I was aware I had “forgotten” to put him on the bed. P came in and helped him manage the steps. We have been working with him for a month to master the steps. It was very encouraging to overhear him actually trying on his own when in a circumstance unobserved. Its just a proof that P was pretty correct, the steps are unfortunately, not in an ideal position for him to be able to utilize them alone.

We are creatures of habit, and routine oriented, and its an interesting thing to see this manifest in Starbuck. He lets us know when its time for bed, and he lets P know – usually I’ve gotten up an hour or so prior – when its time to get up.

Overall, life is good, I’m feeling pretty okay. Detox stuff has had to slow down a bit, having to take an every other day approach to it, which is kinda less than ideal, but necessary, my body just can’t flush as fast as it can pull the toxins out, and its bluntly less helpful to have them piled up in my gut than in my liver. Atleast, that is how it feels, there might be an argument for the later, but the encumbrance of discomfort is not something I overly relish, so every other day it is for the supplements.

A few days ago, I planted the sprouts kit I got, and they are peeking up now, another couple days, and I get to remove the cover, and watch them turn into full grown yummy foods. I have to say, I was a little leary about this kit when I first decided to get it, but its kinda been super easy and a little fun to watch them turn from seeds into green.

Back to more tea, and a warmer room – a story for another day.

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