Cyclone Ridge?

Did my walk today, up to 16.5 minutes. Not as long as I’d like but still makes my legs jelly like and my heart pumping above the 125 range, which just seems silly to me with how short, and how easy going the walk is… but its progress. My Wins.

I’m listening to my spotify 2020 play list – which is a little wack – I mean every annual playlist I make is pretty wack, but this one, I started it the very end of Dec and first few days of Jan – and this is really the first time I’ve given it much of a listen.

The plus side of a shorter walk is – I haven’t actually made it thru the play list yet – I keep picking it up each time I walk, so its still a new fresh thing, I can see some obvious tweaks I want to make to this playlist.

The weather is super great for an outdoor walk right now, in the upper 60’s lower 70s and overcast. Still have to keep my head covered, from the radiation – that will be until Oct – one year after last treatment. Which makes it a little warmer, but still its pretty comfy for walking. The pace is super casual, but my feet are progressing, and the path is getting a little longer each day, its like the spirits are beckoning me to come dance with them.

There was a set of guys walking a cute baby today – with all the concerns of human contact, I crossed the road as they passed the other direction, but it was pretty cute to see, they looked like they too were having fun.

The trees are all blooming – which is horrible for the sinus’s but amazing for the eyes. I snapped a few pictures of these white blooms that aren’t dogwoods, as well as the liter of dogwoods one of my neighbors has in their back yard – not as pretty as the archway of dogwoods that used to be on both sides of AW Grimes before they expanded the road, – most of the trees survived the powerline massacre of a few years back – but a few did not – and all in all the archway is mostly gone now – still a pretty view when they bloom but the historical view was just breathtaking – made me realize what an eye some landscaper must have had – to visualize the potential of those trees, years and years before they produced. To see it in the minds eye… and call it forth to reality. What a gift.

In the course of my walk, I pass one of the side streets, “Cyclone Ridge” and it occured to me, I wonder how streets are named. Like does someone – the developer sit back and go “I think this street is just a hot mess, I’ll call it Cyclone Ridge,… because its a little at the edge of this green belt, and its going to take a true act of god to put as many houses in as they are asking, I’ll have to be a tazmanian devil and cyclone the whole area of lots. ” === Or maybe I just have an overactive imagination — its followed by Agarita Trail – I think Agarita was the name of the doll in one of those from the library type movies, that was like a grandmother that was given to these kids that had lost their caretaker, she was an automaton that was an incredible provider, the movie was short, sweet and somewhat sad, but well done. It showed the kids as grownups dancing thru a trail back to Agarita — maybe this developer just had an overactive imagination too.

Dunno, but maybe the naming of streets requires a special skill – like I wonder do you need a degree for this? Or is it a special class in school. “Road Nomenclature 101 – where the pavement comes to be called” – I certainly don’t know, but I think I’d like to learn more about this, so that maybe some day I could do what it took to name a road. Although I’m not at all entirely certain what I’d call it. Not after myself, I think there are enough things named after Truth, a road named after truth might be pushing the boundaries of the universe just a tad too much – like no one could ever live on it, things would perpetually be in a state of half fixed, half broken.

I do however, love the idea of being able to implement my overactive imagination to the cause of naming a road. Of having people walk or drive upon something I’d taken part of creating – if even in name. I suppose its like a tiny tear drop of having a child. The legacy aspect, and the less annoying aspect of never having to worry, or care for or generally look after the thing, just being able to sort of poop out that name and move onto the next.

I wonder what other forms of passionate expression there are like this, without as many lingering tethers to them. I mean most passionate expressions, by their nature have alot of tethers to ones energy. They are a part of your being after all, when you give creative birth to them, much the same was as children are – even if less all encompassing. Life is pretty all encompassing. Tangible things, alot less encompassing, but still holding tethers. Releasing these tethers is something I’ve learned, but I wonder what this is like – how it differs when the tethers are part of who you are… I know recently I’ve had to release some relationships that I created, and I maintained that were not serving me; I suppose this is a similar feeling – although creating relationships isn’t something I’d particular call a passion – at least not for me, but maybe I am being remiss and under evaluating my talents. Just more food for thoughts for another day or time.

For now, time to have some water, and enjoy the rest of the day before the sun ducks beneath the horizon and tucks itself into slumber.

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