Sometimes Live versions are better….

Lyrics for today, are actually “only” from this one storytellers version of this song – thanks Rick – this is hands down my favorite version of this song, and seems appropriate for today.

Lyrics first link: of the song:

“So you wanna be a rock and roll star, well listen now to what I’m saying, just get an electric guitar, take some time learn how to play”

There was a quote I heard once, that is very much the writing echo of this one above – “Writers, Write” – I can’t remember/google to find it – seems like its too generic, and appropriate to deserve much specific credit. I’ll just take it to say, as truth.

I love writing. I always have, I don’t feel its a passion exactly for me, its more like breathing. Its a method for my hands, specifically my fingers to connect to my head and my heart. It allows them to try and keep pace – as if they ever could, but I guess thats the game. To boldly go where my head and heart are traversing.

I’m lazy. Or more, as I recently pointed out to someone else I love greatly, while I do have some laziness tendencies, mostly I play this subconscious game – lets call it the “laziness game” – many of us learn this in life, although in my experience its learned more readily by non-only children thru the course of childhood. Its that tendency towards “maybe if I wait someone else will do it for me” – which is NOT precisely the same thing as laziness. Laziness is deciding to wait, because you don’t want to do it, or doing it requires more energy than you are presently willing to invest.

This game of laziness is more a matter of a warped sense of hopefulness. Its a matter of hoping and relying upon laurels of good energy output in and from the universe to provide for your desires, with no effort on your part. Its the “win” of no effort. However, the amusing part about this game is “THERE IS” an effort, and the rude part, is that usually we self deprecate ourselves whether we are winning or losing at the game. We negative speak to ourselves BECAUSE we are being lazy, rather than taking time to enjoy the game.

I have come to realize, that this game is unhealthy for me, if I am playing subconsciously. I have also come to realize that being lazy is not always a bad thing. However, sometimes, being lazy is not allowing me to amplify the energy towards goals I feel are important.

Back to writing. I have been lazy. I am going to work on this. Thank you for inspirations from a few friends, that reminded me – in the same voice I have reminded countless people. Live is about pursuing your passions, about the things that make you happy, doing them – not just wanting or desiring, or wishing – DOING.

Writing makes me happy. I don’t always have things to say, but I can always manage to fill a page with words, even if its just talking about filling a page with words – thanks “Blues Traveler – the hook”

Mostly I do have things I feel the desire to say, to share, and otherwise inject in my unique blend of sarcasm, amusement, and generally life method of writing. On to one of those now!

There is a new thing I got, its a blood sugar monitor – long story on this one, but the new medicine they have me on to help with the seizures since the hospital – one of the side effects for me, is that it drops my blood sugar quickly surprisingly low. How low you ask? This is the same question I have been asking, so I decided to venture into this “avenue” of things.

The people in my life closest to me, laughed at this, as they know me well enough to know that the thought of sticking myself with a needle daily to monitor this, or to check it is NOT something that will ever be appealing to me – however, they were quieted from the perspective that I AM a data person, and you can’t make educated/informed decisions with out specific data points. The doctor at the hospital was like “maybe if you check it, and its low, you can just have someone stick you with some insulin to make sure your safe” – As I thought to myself, lady – I’m not a diabetic, I don’t just have a blood monitor around, nor do I have insulin – its not like it grows on trees, it requires an RX – which first off requires a primary care doctor – both of which I do not have……

However, her sentiment, was somehow intuition based. I paused at this, and realized, checking blood sugar, and a way to monitor it on the fly was not only important, but was something I needed at this point. So on to the search…. or rather on to Amazon, the great mall of this time and space – or in the words of a great old movie from Disney – (bednobs and broomsticks) Port-a bellow road

In my hunt, I came across this beauty of a device, that takes my iPhone and turns it into a portable monitor with the use of a cool test trip. (

I feel like this maybe more gimmicky than value, but I’ll be testing it to check, and honestly I’m a sucker for the gimmick thingies when it comes to tech. Now I just need to get past my nervousness of sticking myself – its one thing to let my acupuncturist stick me again and again, or my tattoo artist stick me again and again, or my nurse poke me with some stuff, or the hospital nurse lancet me to check my blood while in the hospital – Sticking yourself requires a slightly different headspace, and it feels like one of those reality show challenges of kitchen nightmare, or bake off or iron chef – with Who will reign supreme – Me or the Lancet. We will see if this is a challenge I am up to, or if I have to lose to the pirate who claims I will not be able to do this…. Sometimes he does win, but I’m stubborn enough to keep trying to beat him, so we will see how this turns out.

Odd spiderweb here, when it comes to Amazon, and its major appeal, it was an interesting thing to me, since about 80% of my purchases are made thru Amazon, and its now super easy to track your spending – but more than that, I use “smile” which is the amazon donating thing, and it was a super super feel good moment to be able to see precisely how much money has been donated, thru no specific action, other than my normal shopping/buying to the cause of my choosing “ ” – its an animal rescue that my Aunt and Uncle help out, and donate significant amount of human power to support. Its a super feel good thing, to see how much donation I generate for them, based upon selection power only. Thanks Amazon for earning your gold star.

I recently started drinking more matcha tea, and I have to say, it is doing very very good things for me, that coupled with my mud wtr, is a well – its definitely not a lack of caffeine lol – but its all the good stuff in both of these that is helping my body heal, and my mind clear. And on that happy note, I think its time for another cup.

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