Politics or Polite Conversations

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The thought occurred to me the other day, somewhat a profound one. That Politics, is really supposed to be Polite Conversations, or discourse on differences of thought.

One thing that has struck me recently. Regardless of which candidate one chooses to support, or choses to disavow. This election, much more so than perhaps many in the past years, is about Trust.

Trust is a very intimate and personal thing. Its not something that you can necessarily harmonize with someone else, or necessarily have in precisely the same way with someone else, as we are all special snowflakes in a sense, and our trust, is intimate and personal.

The goal of our government, and our political system, and specifically the president, as the “parent” in charge of this system, to ensure that its learning, growing, and evolving along the best possible course to achieve these goals, is “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. ”

So really, when one is debating about “who” has the right method, and “who has the best option” – it’s really more about which person you “trust” to ensure, and protect your “Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness”

There are many organizations in our country, that we have “invented” to help pursue these things, and to help ensure these things, for the greater populous. The CDC, the FDA, the National Park Service, the Judicial System….. the list goes on and on…. All of these organizations ultimately, the president has the influence, and much like a parent with the School, or Doctor of a child, the Parent has the power to direct, or change how things are handled or controlled. As a child, we trusted our parent to handle our decisions. As a Citizen, we trust our president to handle these things, and chose wisely, the course of our nation and the things that influence our lives – our Life Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Its not a matter of party, or political view about most things that seem to get alot of talking points and pressure. Its really not about anything specifically financial. When you are dying, what you care about is Life. When you are oppressed, what you care about is Liberty. When you are sad, or trapped, or in general in life, you care about the ability to pursue happiness, about national treasures.

Think not about what your president can do to protect the “goodies” you get or want, but think about what this person can do to ensure that your Life is not in danger, that your ability to chose is not in jeopardy, and that your ability to explore and find your way to the best possible happiness is not stifled.

Back to where we started. Who do you trust?

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