Bread Crumbs along the path

Had a very very odd dream last night. It was a toss between my current self, and my teenage self. I was at an open area movie theatre. Seated type, somewhat classy but open to the sky. To my knowledge this isn’t a place I’ve actually been to, but it was a combination of maybe ten different theatres I’ve experienced in my life.

With me, were my sister as a younger version of herself, and herself now. My brother, as his younger self, and himself now. My cousins, all three of them as younger versions of themselves, and the adult versions I most recall them being – much younger than they are now. My mother as her younger self- circa de my current age, my step father, as a interesting version of himself of today with some elements of a younger man.

Missing from this dream were my husband and his family. However its interesting to note, that the tech and the accoutrements I had at this theatre experience, like my purse, notebook things, were all of “today” like things I would pull from a shelf in my room at this time.

It was some sort of show we were going to see, not exactly a movie, not exactly a rock concert, not exactly a comic, just a “show” and people were taking pictures of their friends/pals like coordinated selfies type of thing. I tried to do this with my current phone, and I somehow couldn’t get us all into the frame.

There was this young kid, offering to take pictures. He offered to take my camera/phone and get us all into the frame, as I had watched him do for the other couple of groups that were sitting in front of us.

At first, I was quite obliged to just hand him my phone. But I recalled, as we had entered this place, that the man at the concession stand, had been commenting to the girl at the concession stand, people who seemed some what familiar to my mind, but not enough to stand out, they were talking about how “I’d never give my phone to a stranger, and I’d never keep my cc’s in my phone. If you lost the phone, you would lose your whole life, and the cc just make the identity theft so real too” – something about this conversation sort of struck a chime in my head, as I went to hand this kid my phone, and I immediately took the phone out of the case, where I store my id and cc’s. The phone seemed so bare and naked out of its case, but I figured alls well that ends well.

The kid took the phone and backed up as if to take the picture, and then immediately shouts out “sucker” as he proceeds to run off with my phone. He puts on a helmet as he runs thru the theatre and jumps on a well – he is like a 8 or 9 year old kid, so he jumps on a small like tricycle scooter and starts to ride off into the sunset, inside this theatre with my phone. I go to grab the scooter, missing by a tiny bit, and then start to give chase, only to realize that this isn’t going to end well for me.

Somehow, I recall I have some safety measure on my phone that, to my knowledge doesn’t actually exist, but it some sort of an EMF buzzer, and I activate this by a tab inside the case. This somehow turns off his scooter, and suddenly my family is all swarming hims bike. We capture him, and find his pockets full of other peoples tech, and we recover my phone. We turn this kid over to the management of the theatre, and now suddenly the “show” whatever it was that we had come to watch is over.

As we start to pack up to leave, I am overcome with the fact that I have so much junk packed in the seat backs of the seats in front of us. I start pulling out jackets, and notebooks, and other odds and in, things I obviously felt I couldn’t live without for the brief period of the for this event. The items, I keep setting on top of my cousins, who are still sitting in the chairs, my sister, and brother who are trying to help me organize and gather them. All of these items somehow fit into the backpack I am currently using when we entered, and I unpacked them all, but now there is like 10 times the amount of items to the amount of space. I am creatively trying to figure out how to deal with this problem, and the next gathering for this theatre is starting to arrive, I am feeling the pressure to “hurry”

My family, and friends – apparently there are a couple other folks here with me at this adventure, or they have shown up just to help me accomplish this packing up of things. We are struggling, there are literally 10 jackets – little hoodies that I have stuffed into seat backs, in the event that the place got cold – there is one for everyone. Notebooks, with some history of whatever it was we came to see or do, and each seat has one, old wallets, new wallets, with some trinkets and bobbins that might be useful. Just an overwhelming amount of things, that I am tempted to leave just where they are, feeling so detached from them all, but even that doesn’t quite seem appropriate because there are other folks waiting to fill these seats.

Rick and Diana, with the help of Kristi, Alana, and Michael quickly help me wrestle all of these supposed treasures into arms, and bags, and put them on or tie them up and we start to hobble out of the theatre.

It was a humbling experience. I’m not precisely certain exactly which of so many visible messages I’m supposed to be getting out of this dream. There were just so so many thoughts and avenues of thought here.

As the universe has been pestering me to blog, and as its now March 1, and I’m committing to new strong avenues of pathways to health, I figured it was time.

Welcome to the overactive imagination that I live with from moment to moment. Thank you for being in my world, as I sift through the years and years of cells that have taken on emotions and patterns that don’t belong within them, and as I work to release these, and heal my body.

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