Best Laid Plans

So new surgery plan is Jan 30th. This is for a full laparoscopic Hysterectomy – will entail an overnight stay at the hospital.

Oncologist is working on trying to get me access to the new treatment option – which is a new drug that was just FDA approved for my condition Dec 20th – hurray for new drugs.

Will have next set of tests in Feb, here is to hoping for no huge changes.

Phil and I have a trip planned for just after my birthday, to head out to Oregon, will be an interesting time with lots of rest and relaxation.

I’ve decided, I’d like to take a trip out to SFO to “walk” actually walk over the golden gate bridge. I’ve been many times, and driven across it atleast 8 or so times, but the recent thought or idea that has kinda come to me is that the perspective difference is so huge from actually walking it, that I’d kinda like to “see” that place from my feet. Its a little bit of a walk for me right now, 1.7 Miles – but I should be able to get up to that not being a big deal by the time I’m going to do it, which will be sometime after April.

There are alot of good things going on now, my meditation room is finally starting to come together, its very usable, and quite pretty. The painting and carpet got done towards end of the year, and the furniture is coming together. R is putting together one of the “assembly required” pieces I got, which I had thought were “some assembly” but turns out are “full assembly” type pieces. Thank goodness for brothers capable of building things.

My biomat is set up on my massage table in there, and I used it yesterday. It was heaven. Which is a good thing, because a new symptom showed up over the past few days. A weird sharp pain in my right Rhomboid, that isn’t exactly muscular pain. I feel, from intuition that its somehow cancer related, or rather atleast an offshoot, it could be, or seems like maybe its one of the joyous benefits of long term steroid usage – I’ve come to realize that its been about 4 months of twice a week steroid shots at this point, and unfortunately doesn’t seem like this is going away anytime soon. Its possible that “something” has started to degenerate, to the point of rubbing against something else, that is causing kinda of muscular/nervous trickle down impact in this area. Its mostly inconvenient more than excessively painful. To quote Gin Blossoms first album “new miserable experiences” – they are just thankful little reminders that I’m alive and still winning my battle.

I have decided that not only is 2020 a year of gratitude, but basically this is a brand spanking new decade of gratitude. Going to usher it in and welcome it into my mind, heart, soul and house. Thank you for joining me on this new exciting journey of just being thankful for EVERYTHING.

There is no such thing as too thankful, and while its possible to upset or offend people by thanking them, I think that’s a pretty rare thing and possibility of thing to occur. Thanks is self energy generating, as well as healing energy generating, and I’ve decided I can’t surround myself with too much of this…. so I’ll just be spending all my time effort and energy in a plethora of thanks.

I have started my 2020 playlist – its still a work in progress – as they all are until close to the end of the year lol 🙂 but its coming along pretty nicely

Pretty excited about plans for the year, and progress for the year. I have things in progress, and hopes to work towards.

Here is to more time healing, more time sharing, and more time loving. So much thanks for blog posts that come easily.

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