2020 the Year of Gratitude

20/20 has always been a thought about being able to see things with clarity. Being able to see all the angle,s and the perspective that isn’t necessarily where you are currently positioned or framed from.

This year, is about being thankful. I am so so thankful I’m here, alive and able to write out my thanks. It will be four years soon that I’ve been blessed with cancer. This year, is about seeing it for the blessing that it is, for all the time I have had, unexpectedly, the gift.

I’m grateful to god, the universe, and all my lived ones for being with me on this journey. I have overwhelming gratitude for all of the lessons and information I have learned, the amazing people I have met, and the experiences I have had that have helped me grow, become stronger, and shown me how to focus on the most important things.

The best things, the most cherished, have always been the things that I had to endure and struggle to achieve. I think that’s part of my hard headedness, but I am blessed both for my hard headedness and for the mountains I have climbed.

I love my life. I love life. There are so many amazing things in life, so many things to be blissful and enjoy.

I’m thankful for sunrises. For watching the sun crest over the trees in my backyard. For feeling the wind blow, and hearing it blow against my windchimes. For hearing the birds in the trees, nesting and enjoying life. Grateful for the sun, and the warm humbling feeling of it against my skin. Thankful for hats 🙂 – knitted by kind caring people to protect my head.

I’m thankful for smiles on strangers, and even more so on friends and loved ones. I’m so blessed for hugs, the long sort, and the short sort, the random ones for people as an expression of gratitude, and the ones for loved ones for imparting more feeling than words alone are capable of doing.

I’m am blessed, to have a life filled with so many joys, so many people that bless me with their expressions of thanks, and prayers, and well wishes. So many loved ones that check to see how I’m doing, and provide me with things to make me laugh, and smile and to just continue with my joy in life.

I’m am humbled by the magnificence and glory of my body. How it is able to endure, things that I don’t know what they have done and are continuing to do, but I am thankful and can feel when it lets me know, we are okay, we can endure, we can keep fighting.

I am so thankful for small wonders, like a self created “dirty chai”. Chai I’ve brewed myself, mixed in with a little coffee, a blessing all its own sort in my mouth, that opens up my senses, and reminds me of all the wonders that exist in life. All the passions I still have to explore and to share. All the magic and wonder that exists, and the miracles that are within my grasp.

I am hopeful for this year of gratitude, may I experience it in present moments, from moment to moment, and generate an entire year of 20/20 that is blessed with grace. May all the people I love, all the people in my life, all my support, all the random people I will encounter, that will cross along my path, may they have this same inspiration, and overwhelming gratitude for life, and have an amazing year of experiences.

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