Teaching the dragon to surf

Or in other words, finding the key for the lock.

One thing I have been struggling with in my journey for curing my cancer is visualization. I have always been an extremely adept creative visualization person – one of those people that can describe visual things in finite detail, because they reside that way in my minds eye.

Its also been a tenement of healing that I have been aware of for a long time, or really “life” in general, that anything you can visualize, in enough detail can be manifest in reality. I have had this tool for as long as I can remember. Seeing things, and willing them into existence.

The struggle I have had in vanishing the cancer that has moved into my brain is not having a good visual for what it looks like for it to be gone.

I mean I had tons of pictures of “brains” but those aren’t precisely “my brain”….

A healer friend told me just after the diagnosis to visualize my head as being all white, as white light eradicating all the dark spots of cancer in my brain. This visual worked for a hot minute, until I went to the doctor and they showed me the MRI, with its grey matter and white spots of cancer.

This created quite an internal dilemma for me, a conflict of resolution. Did I visualize it as all white light? or Grey matter? Did the one feed the other or visa versa?

Suddenly my greatest tool was literally the one I had to chuck to the side, because the conflict of indecision was causing me stress.

It felt like a gap but it wasn’t one I had a good solution about, so I left it in the hands of the angels, and rather than using visualization, I stuck to praying.

Now I don’t want to say that prayer is ever a bad, or wrong thing, Its a great thing, but I am also a firm believer in that adage that God helps those who help themselves, and I will confess to feeling a little weak at not being able to visualize a solution.

All of this changed about a week ago, when my meditations and prayers finally led me to an answer, a picture that is neither right nor wrong but is definitively perfect for me. I figured I’d share it here.

In my prayers, I realized that these cancer cells are very akin, in my life, to a bug. A fly or mosquito on the wall of my brain so to speak. And somehow this visual stuck, and I instantly had a solution, what do you do when you have flies outside on that lovely evening when you are enjoying the cool breeze and lovely sunsets of life? You turn on your bug zapper.

So my visualizations now place 7 ( Seven being a magical number, a total of creation, and in many ways a perfect thing.) of these cancer bug zappers around my brain. Six around, and one in the center. And then I visualize turning these little gems on, with their white light radiating out, and attracting those pests into their gateway to exiting my body. I charge this white light up with Purple, giving it the power to heal my cells and just remove the cancer in a zappy format.

Each time I practice this visual, I feel healthier and stronger, I feel that this is a lightness I have been needing. The key so to speak for solving this health situation. For teaching the dragon, me, how to surf, riding the waves of life.

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