Waxing poetic on truth

I’ve always been a problem solver. Someone who can see things from multiple angles, and see solutions that other people can’t even imagine. More than a glass half full, more like a ship in the bottle instead of just a single glass.

I have prided myself on my tenacity with working thru until the solution became evident. No matter how dire or insurmountable the problem presented proved to be, I would hold out hope, and apply my vast array of energy towards a solution.

In recent days, I have been provided with a self evident truth that was more than a little humbling. This strength of mine for problem solving is also one of my greatest weaknesses.

How can this be? How can seeking to solve problems be a weakness?

In this great strength is the truth that in seeking to solve problems, I am perpetually seeking problems. Or in more eloquent words, from my teachers, enjoy what is working not what is broken.

This is humbling, and somehow has brought me a tremendous amount of happiness. An ability to be able to breath a little more deeply and express my infinite gratitude for all the things going perfectly, and harmoniously in my life. Particularly at a time when I am inundated with “solutions” to the many things that are not going precisely how I would crave, IE “problems”

I had an old friend visit me yesterday; and as well as the delivery of much craved tea I had requested, she made a comment that somehow made me step back.

She said “You look great”.

It was a simple thing, it shouldn’t have thrown me for a loop. I know I have many many little pebbles in my shoes right now, but I had forgotten to stop and just breath and enjoy all the life I have in me right now. To enjoy the sun on my toes, the wind on my wind chimes, the barking of my pup, the smile on my face.

A second message my teacher presented to me, was “use those things.” This is a little bit more convoluted to explain, but I have all these treasures, things I have gotten for “a rainy day”

Or honestly, things I had gotten with the intention of gifting or sharing with someone in a special circumstance. What this message was for, was a reminder to me, that I should enjoy these things now, and take joy in them for the sake of the joy.

An example of this is some incense I have; that reminded me of my experiences in the temples in India. They smell just like the temples did, and I had been saving them, keeping them with many other things in a box that had dust on the top when I brought it out and burned them today.

Feeling that memory of the day I found these, and the memory that the smell brought to my mind, the day I spent in the temple of Shiva, and the feeling and smell the whole house has now that I have lit them, and enjoyed them. Its a state of bliss.

So I expect I’ll be breaking out the good china, the special dishes and all the other “special day” things I have, because life is truly too short to “save them” … Every day is a day of joy to be enjoyed with all these special things.

Going back to my Milk Oolong and some great tunes, to enjoy more of this incredible beautiful day.

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