Happy Fathers Day

I have great fathers in my life, that I want to share and sing praises of just because its the right time, and it makes me happy to do this thing so I’m going to do it.

First my own father. He has a light and a goodness that runs like a free bull into whatever he feels passionately about. He is no nonsense, nonsense being defined differently day by day, as he learns. He is always learning. His thrive for knowledge is one of the most insatiable I have ever found or met. He is quick to anger, but also quick to apologize, realizing his own faults, and mistakes before even anyone needs to point them out. He is kind, and compassionate, he feels things deeply, but he often holds those feelings in, hidden away from everyone and the world. I love him with all my heart, and I wish him a beautiful day filled with amazing opportunities to guide his feet to new information on his quest for knowledge.

My stepfather. The man my mother chose to marry many years after. He is a curious man. Always seeking to understand things. He is a great man, always trying to poke things to get at the heart, and understand how they can be improved. He looks for projects, both people, things and places that can be touched, and that he can share his light with to make them shine brighter, look brighter, be happier. Sometimes he has rough edges, sometimes he is perceived as being aloof, these are because he is wildly contemplative. He is always in a state of almost meditation trying to find meaning in the things he sees and feels around him. He is loyal, and brave, he will defend those he loves with a bittersweet fervour. I am blessed to have him in the life of my mother, and my life, I wish him a day filled with clarity, and harmony, that the world around him today will be in sync and his internal music will shine and resonate.

My brothers in law. All four of them, so different, so varied, so incredible at being amazing dads. They each have a light inside that is so strong, so loving, and so amazing to watch with their children. I have watched over the years, the struggles they have faced, trying to be the best dads they can be, while staying true to their core. Each of them different and strong and bringing light to the lives of their children. I wish for each of them a day filled with bliss, and simplicity. Joy and peace in the small things that make life so great.

My mothers brother, who we recently went to the keys with, watching him grow and flower into a grandfather now, passing on his torch, his lessons of fatherhood to his son. He has always been a spark of creativity, always able to find the growth in every place, to add a little sunshine to a seed and see it sprout. His nature so diverse from the other fathers in my life, a gardener of the soul. I wish for him a day filled with peace and bounty, and unrequited joy.

I have learned so much from all the fathers in my life, seen so many things, and understood the pathways of the universe because of a few words from them at different times on my paths.

While I used to feel that holidays were a burden, I don’t feel that anymore. I feel they are a joy to be celebrated and I wish we had more of them. I feel they bring resonates to the light, and remind our hearts, minds and spirits that we are all connected, and that there is always hope, always beauty, always joy in this great place we share.

Happy Fathers Day, may your day be blessed, and great.

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