Decay of Society 101

I had this incredible idea this morning – I went to go to the product and share it – and there wasn’t a “idea box” or anything like it – but I tried their automated chat and wow too early to give them my thoughts. Really short sighted in our whirlwind of incredible tech that we cant’ just submit.

Then I took a second step because I “figured” I’d post it on social media and maybe my idea might eventually get to “right hands”…. but oh yeah Twitter doesn’t recognize me anymore – and all the hoops I’ve jumped through because trolling ME is now a job for alot of bored folks is more important than sharing cool things.

So I’m posting my idea here – probably it won’t go anywhere – I wasn’t looking for anything other than “wow this sounds so cool” and to put it into the brains of people that “could” think it was cool and actually actionable.

What if all those super cool appliances that “beep randomly” at you to tell you they are done – what if you could put in a x number of second Particular sound that was pleasurable to tell you they needed your attention.

We have a “routine” that plays a particular personal anthem for P and I at 9’oclock on Saturday night – because its part of a song that makes us both smile. Its something the …well I could state her name here lol — luckily she doesnt’ “react” from typing just yet – but anytime I say anything remotely like “Alexa” in our house she goes nuts – which is particularly amusing since the artist that did the song for our routine – also did another one I love with her name.

My idea was … Like play part of a song for when the washer is done, or the dishwasher, or the microwave, or the oven — let me pick what sound I want instead of just beep beep beep – randomly screaming at me.

I’d love to have made this suggestion – too bad couldn’t find the place on the whirlpool place to do it lol.

Oh well, here is hoping for another day that someone gets around to wright brothering the “transporter” tech they have envisioned.

Today is a good day!

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