I would like to see this…

Had an interesting thought roaming around in my brain this morning of a “role reversal” of James bond – what I mean by this is a reverse of every character cast in that series.

I could see Lucy Lui being an incredible Jamie Bond – and Johnny Depp being a great Agent M – and I can see such a rich diversity intermingled with the recast.

I feel like while there are blant sexual innuendos and down right half the plot is about sexual exploits – I feel it would be interesting to watch.

Could just be a mental rabbit hole – I go thru alot of these, but that is a powerful character – has been both the good and the bad of the instrument of learning how to say something without saying something – and it just didn’t occur to me how I missed the obvious that I was letting my “hero” be a man vs a woman.

This realization somewhat occurred to me from the perspective that I don’t have many female role models in my head – the characters that I feel are the “strong guiding source material” for many of my thoughts are men. Apparently my mind state is far more critical of women then men – I find faults more easily with women then I do with men – while I don’t quite understand the why of this – it is a very interesting/profound thing for me to recognize.

Its a time for me filled with different untraveled paths. I’m finding alot of those all around me and the exploration of the ones I’m endeavoring to peek at is incredible.

Life is an adventure always. When we chose a path that is so different it sort of makes the view of everything equally so different. Somehow the internalization of the concept that different isn’t bad or good has finally sunk in more and I’m chosing often to find what could easily be bad as good.

The adage that what doesn’t kill us makes us strong is stucking in my head alot lately – I’m also finding ways to magic myself into amazing circumstances – Its like my own personal tilt-a-whirl of life.

Overall Life is good.

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