Darkmoon Faire

There is a game that I play on the regular called WOW or worlds of warcraft. It has a place, a magical island that shows up once per month per faction to allow “players” to visit and experience a carnival. I remember doing carnivals when I was little – the little gypsy things that would set up in the grocery store and be magical. This is a virtual version of the carnival. There are quests, pets, all sorts of things only available from the place.

Today has been one of those days, where I am struck by the parallels between medical and gypsy carnivals. They are both offering something esoteric in their design that isn’t exactly what it says it is in either case.

There were things. — Truth be told, many of them.

People were humans – How Dare They!!!

I evolved.

There is a part of me that learned some lessons and some tools today. More things to be aware of, sort of like traffic lights verses stop signs – they both serve the purpose of regulating and controlling traffic – however some are designed with larger audiences in mind.

Thoughts are sort of like Jello and deciding to firm up in my head.

Its been a few days/weeks since I blogged, so I figured I’d toss a few words up to download whats in my head.

People are great. People suck. There is no extreme or conflict in these two statements, its just how it is – there is a blessing and gratitude of being alive to experience them.

Basically I’ve found I probably need alot more sleep ideally on the regular, but there is just so much life to experience and I’m here to enjoy.

Life is good.

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