It just maybe a lunatic your looking for

This early morning – far too early in some parts of the world – including mine, this Billy Joel song is chasing thru my head. “You may be right

I rose this morning, to the thought and motivation of coffee. Bliss in a cup. Mentioned to P that its “time” again for me to place an order for more beans – something that happens pretty frequently – because I love coffee.

This week has been wrought with many many ups and downs. So many blessings – too many to count – and so so many trials I wish they were few enough to give them a number.

First the struggles – second week after treatment is always difficult – body screaming “sleep more” – mind screaming “do more” – heart softly telling me “slow down, life is to be savored” — This “one” of the second week after treatments was particularly a struggle because of vaccine – and also due to infection return. — As if this were not enough of a challenge – it was also “rescan” week – something I’ve opted to call my “report card” …. MRI, CT, Bone scan….. Well, got back results on last two, and they are still showing no activity – they look from signs as “good” … will need to wait for MRI till late next week. This is the time when I keep telling my head “remain hopeful” – “remain hopeful” … sometimes I have to scream it, I am quite thick headed afterall “REMAIN HOPEFUL”

Then we can move onto the blessings. My doctors rock, calling me immediately after the scans to let me know the results was incredible. Calling me with results of my labs the day of the labs, also equally incredible.

I got beautiful videos of my niece – she is growing so fast.

I got an adorable picture of my nephew using his Christmas present – science kits.

We got a new president – which I suppose this is last weeks news, but something I will consider a blessing for a while – especially considering all the things he is doing – working already speedy within his first weeks of office.

P got cars fixed (again) maybe this time things will stop breaking as soon as it returns from the shop – darn cars, always like “oh, oh, we liked it there” …. its been an interesting year for cars so far, time will tell.

Supportive family that shuffle, shuffle, shuffle to my many appts.

Good Insurance.

Helpful people, likely overworked, in the medical field that go above and beyond to ensure that I am doing okay, and that they are treating me – and every other human being as the incredible person we are – even in the midst of all the safety, protection, extra sanitizing and overall rigors of this pandemic times we live in…..

The amazing food, tech and connection abilities we have even in the course of conditions. The ability to continue to be human, continue to have our needs exceeded, and the ability to share this with those that we love.

So I’ve been trying to do one of my “coping” mechanisms this week, and start thinking about my next “trip”…. while I know in my heart its alot further away than reasonable to plan – it still provides me some joy to reflect on past trips in order to engage in the future of planning forward.

This week has been filled with memories from my trip with my sister to London. The “what did I enjoy best” things, and the “what do I want to repeat things”… and also — where do we go to get all these things, and the new things too….

Her plan is to visit all the places where Cherry Blossoms bloom – my plan secretly – okay not so secretly – is to help facility for this plan as much as possible. By facilitation I should not lesson her plan or trip at all, just make it a tad easier, and help with some of the heavy planning/lifting. Traveling “with someone” is a little more easy/comfortable than “traveling solo” when you are a single woman. Not to mention I have an uncanny ability to find great hotels (thank you IHG) and good airfare. I’m a pretty savvy traveling companion to have – and I adore traveling with my sister – because she is so strong, so amazing, and incredible.

One of my favorite parts of our trip to London – was that she would go out exploring and adventuring — We would hook up at dinner and get to enjoy her retelling of her exploits for the day. It was the best Storytime experience for me….. someone sharing from the heart all the learning, loving, and living they were doing – particularly someone whose company I thrive in – and whose thoughts, and mind processes always enlighten me.

So the next trip will have a steep hill to climb to exceed that trip.

Here is hoping to my personal health – and the health of the world improving soon – to facilitate more amazing experiences.

One thought on “It just maybe a lunatic your looking for”

  1. Good early morning my number 1 daughter! I love getting to share your thoughts in the blogs you post.
    You are amazing! I am very glad to share in your life. I am glad the scan week results have been excellent.
    I was reminded in a couple chats this week to send you continued love, prayers and best wishes from several of your past coworkers and several of my neighbors. I wanted to post that here this morning so that I diid not forget to tell you direct 😘
    Today is a very good day❣️

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