To love and be loved in return

Things I love …..

Super cool days – like today in the low fifties.

Hearing about the fun adventures of family or friends in story… so you can experience them yourself along with.

Pumpkin Pie – okay specifically Round rock donut pumpkin pie is in my top five so far but realistically most things pumpkin rank and ive never had a pumpkin pie to this day that i didnt atleast enjoy a little.

Sleeping pups or babies…. There is something in the peaceful bliss on their faces that i just love.

Roses- specifically Yellow Roses…. particularly on the vine and growing, but truth be told any yellow roses inclusive of the ones i painted with the help of stenciling years ago when we first moved into the house by R and C…. The painting and choice of yellow all mine but it makes me smile and happy everytime i see them.

Homemade Chai- well i guess technically my home made chai, which i guess technically is called Marsala Chai as chai just means tea which i also love but not with as strong a passion as the smell of the herbs boiling away on my stove in anticipation of the tasty beverage later in the day.

Fireplaces- my firepit outside or even the looping video i can play across my living room television of a toasty stone one…. I have enjoyed the ones at friends or families homes on visiting and its one of the things i miss in this house.

Soothing music- like the Celtic Twilight album i got turned on to so so many years (30+) ago…. Or the Ottmar Leibert we often play these days with a slight flamingo twist to it …. its soothing and just helps the mind relax.

Hugs. Real physical ones are my favorite… but in these times and concerns of safety even the well meaning virtual and text ones are also great.

There are so many things i Love…. I could go on for days… but this is enough for now… trying to find ways to fill my days with these things. The things to help keep me focused on how great life is… filled with loves.

One thought on “To love and be loved in return”

  1. Great big hugs. I miss yours alot. In our yard in Mussouri we had over 25 rose bushes. In late May and early June the aroma of roses as you stepped onto the patio was amazing. The bushes would bloom until fall. One year I took a bouquet of Rose’s to school on Dec 8th.
    Blessings this holiday season.

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