Start at the beginning….

And when you get to the end, stop. – a quote from Lewis Carroll; Alice and wonderland. And one of the ones that perpetually creeps into my mind like a odd growth upon my soul.

I’m a tad nervous about the surgery on Tuesday. While I recognize its the better choice – by a very very long shot. Its still “surgery”. I’ll be glad to have it in the rearview, and moving on to happier progress.

Thoughts in my head are changing. Shifting, and morphing, influx about priorities, and how to make what matters more of my time.

So much of my time, today and currently, seems to be spent in relaxation and contemplation. Not at all a bad thing, but an extremely dynamic difference from “this is where we were” and the former plan for “this is where we are going”

In the contemplation, I am drawn back to my experiences in India. The magical day? Yes, we were there for more than one, and there are many many experiences that were dynamic along that entire trip. However, the one that most strikes me is the whirlwind one in Mumbai with the team of people I’d worked with across the ocean, that worked viligigantly to show an ostentatious American an amazing time and the delight of experiences in India. Maybe I’m not exactly ostentatious – but there is DEFINITELY many other words/phrases expressions I’d use to express myself, most of them not overly flattering.

These people were my friends, my coworkers, my colleagues, and they were the most happy, friendly, giving folks I’ve encountered. Ensuring that I had happy memories to take home from my experience in their country. Its a gift I can not be grateful enough. … Three blogs from the experience here:

Part 1 – Harmony and Bliss



I am so grateful for my time and experiences. That whirlwind of time, and exploration somewhat strikes an odd parallel for me now. It was so different than anything I’d ever experienced in my life, just like everything right now is – in so many respects. I will have this time as a growth experience in another 5 years, once I’ve embraced all of the treasures this time has to offer, and learned to integrate the value into my life.

Thank you India, and the kindhearted blessed souls who facilitated my learning during this experience.

Thank you for all the family and friends in my life for all the support and gratitude you are perpetually showing and helping me with – Growth is not a simple thing, and its a thing we are all experiencing. Learning to embrace the valuable in life right now, is something I’m blessed to be able to enjoy. Both the pleasure, and the discomfort of the entire world.

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