Is the glass half empty or half full?

Its always half full, always – because its usually filled with something I love, and a half of glass of something I love is GREAT!

Today seems to be a good day overall. My body aches are less, the infection seems to be doing the Hasta La Vista Baby thing – and my energy level – while still low from chemo last week – it seems to be subtly on the mend.

Its also one of those favorite days for me. The weather was in the sixty’s this morning — just cool enough to need a hoodie, but warm enough to be so comfy. It was blustery – It does in fact feel like a blustery day. To be fair, probably a bit more than blustery as it was pulling the car all over the road.

Went to my appts, and got the coolest thing from one of the nurses that checked my infection spot. Its a mask from her company “restorative ink” that helps breast cancer patients – so it has a cool logo for that, its also a antimicrobial material. She gifted me one of these, and her business card. These masks are really elegant in a subtle way – something I probably would never have thought about in years past, but this is the “new world order” — that is Super cool masks! now we can all be super heroes!

Brief Politicalesque Rant below – please skip if these bother you.

There was a thing, that threatened to be the yin to my yang of day.... I through odd sources of spiderwebs, got hooked onto a article from both the BBC & NY times, that was detailing the fact that 45 paid only $750.00 in taxes the first year of his presidency. This incensed me. I've been working hard to let this go, but the man makes 400$k in salary - which is more than anyone in my family has ever made, and even combining a few folks, its still significantly more than "most combinations" make in a year.... and I KNOW we have all paid more than $750.00 in taxes..... how is this even possible? How does a man with a net worth of 2.5 Billion dollars some how reach a logically conclusion that he only owes $750.00..... I've spent more on wiping my arse than he has paid in taxes. How? How is he still in office? How is it that he is likely to remain in office another four years? These are things that just perplex me. The majority of his supporters paid more than $750.00 in taxes last year, and will this year - especially because of the "free money" -- aka Not free money that he "gave" I mean "loaned" them....These are things that confuse me.

/end Rant

Overall there is so much inspiration around right now – I’m interacting with so many people that are full of life, and happiness for the things going on right now. There is so much evolution, and learning going on. The world is in flex – its becoming a better place. Each of the people in my life are sharing things they are doing – thoughts they are having, that are more synergistic towards “good will to all men” – There is a part of me that is so so looking forward to this holiday season – because I’m so hopeful it will be amazing. There will be so many “new” ways to share the light and hope we all have with each other. There will be some of the old favorite things, and many new things that we learn we also love.

This time, is like the cusp of a beautiful time of experience. I’m just feeling gratitude for being alive to experience it. Sending out prayers for so many that I have heard are struggling, but even in talking to them, they are able to see the rays of hope in the dark, the light peeking thru to guide them to a better, stronger place…. its an inspiring time to be healing.

Many universal thanks to all of the people in my life that fill my days with positive inspiration, hope – and that share and fill my heart with gratitude.

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