Bring out dA VINCI

The thing I like most about being human, is the ability to ponder. Its a fact, that has recently been brought forth in my mind that everyone has an artist inside of them. The medium or direction that we use, is really the only difference – or whether we are embracing or shunning that artist.

The thing I like about the older masters, is that classical “art” for which they are known very heavily is typically NOT their only artform. They were seekers of art in everything.

It never ceases to amazing me to watch someone thriving in their art, to feel the energy and to embrace and soar with them – regardless of the medium. For example, this young girl – Nandi Brushell challenging one of her heroes in a drum off…. Watching her play the drums, watching the excitement in her eyes when he performs just for her…. watching her dance around the room in such glee and excitement….. Well it makes me understand how Da Vinci could have conceived of the Vitruvian Man – It’s humbling to me, how much in our “modern” “so advanced society” that we have rather dumbed ourselves down. … Not a judgement but an observation.

When things are a requirement for children, they learn the value in them, and embrace the dynamic to them, and the balance. They grow into adults with more rounded education, and knowledge seekers – as well as artists that have learned to balance climbing the mountain, pondering the universe, going inside to empathize from the heart, and always seeking the truth. This doesn’t seem to be the case in our “so advanced, modern society” — instead we complain about spending time with our children – at all – and how we feel underpaid to educate them. (a little bitter about a comment heard/read/referenced from P about a parent so happy about public schools opening, because they didn’t get paid enough to teach their child….. my comment to this is “Its called birth control – or better, go get one of those illegal seemingly unwilling hysterectomy that the ICE detentions are allegedly doing. perhaps you should have used it.)

Children are a gift, but what type of artistic things are they being taught? Its okay to risk life and health to go sit in a overcrowded classroom with an underpaid individual responsible for half babysitting and half education….. where the education is focused on “passing the test” not really on learning….. this is evident with a ten minute conversation with pretty much most folks, myself included under 50 in our country.

Perhaps if we focused on “where the childs expertise lives” to help get them excited and self motivated to learn — education would just be following along and helping guide to safer places – not a cesspool of germs likely to make the majority of the high risk folks – the ones that had “an education” have “knowledge” and generally, “have art” — but then they are the ones that will in the end suffer most, because not only are the high risk of “catching” but also of “dying” — almost seems like some sort of an organized plan to turn Americans into drones. I digress – and sorta into hot points of agitation. While its as much your “american right” to not wear a mask — its also your “american right” to not wash your hands after the bathroom. …. both of which are “gross” and not helpful in protecting some of our national treasures – the people over 50 that have knowledge we lack – and yeah I know the internet is full of knowledge — but its also full of money pandering idiots that are filling it up with nonsense making the knowledge harder and harder to reach. === Rant done.

Reaching to that inner artist seems to be an incredible way to draw out the innate curiosity in everyone. If its something you enjoy, and can be passionate about – whether its painting, cooking, or butterfly watching — you will be inspired to study/learn more about it. Humans have an incredible spirit of resilience, endurance, hope and curiosity. We also are very different beings one to another, so what lights my fire, is probably not all the same as my neighbor, and I know for a fact not the same as P. Its rather unrealistic to expect the same stuff to interest the same people. There is however, something for everyone.

I’ve been watching many of these nightly meditations from a friend in Houston – he hosts them nearly every night in Houston, virtually thru facebook. Last nights I caught a little late – and to be honest, many I watch the next day or so…. They never cease to heighten my healing, and to generally better connect me with the universe spiritually. There is also something about watching him in his element – his art, its just inspiring, it makes me more motivated to seek and to learn about mine.

Watching P when he struggles on coding or fixing something on the computer, another person in their artistic element. He just loves doing this, it brings him great joy and satisfaction – when we first got together, this was something he was interested in – but now he is truly an artist with a myriad of expertise, as well as the ability to understand and learn his limits and when he needs to go seek help.

Art isn’t about the work – its about the journey, and finding something you love and are passionate about that makes you want to come back to it again and again. You don’t start out “a great artist” – well most humans don’t…… it comes thru practice, learning, practice, development of skills, practice…. did I say practice? — Know thyself, its one of those quotes always applicable…. the biggest thing with Art is “knowing” what is your art – what makes your heart light, what is the thing you can do that makes all time become the true imaginary thing it is, and disappear as you are in your element….. in our “modern society” there are the most unusual art forms…. we have more avenues and venues and areas to explore and thrive — but this isn’t something we are focused on, so it falls by the wayside of “too busy to do this” …. when its kinda the most vital thing of all….

Someone recently reminded me that “bodies gotta move” – and this is true, for physical health – our bodies are not at all designed for the sedentary life many of us lead. They are designed to move – for hours, and hours a day. This helps with the physical health, and also clears out the emotional and mental filters — a little less helpful for them, but still.

Art – this is for our spiritual health, it works to help us direct and process our emotional and mental – it allows us to have a constructive, creative place to put those things. Sometimes art is destructive, clearing out old things, cleaning out old areas, while we want it to be a “produce things” – the universe is about balance, and it makes sense to me that for every “producer” there would be an equal number of “destructors” or people that find art in take things apart and reforming them – or just making the components available for the next artist.

How to help inspire more artists, how to help more people find their passion, their art. This is something I’ve felt for many years was a task of mine this lifetime. I have always thrived, and most enjoyed myself when I can see or spend time with someone in their art, some doing the things that make them passionate. Observing, thanking, and lifting up the spirit of people that are doing these things is sort of my artform. Making connections for them from artist to artist – sort of the artist that produces to the source that has a need of their production. This is what I find satisfying, and uplifting. This is where my art lives. Just gotta practice it more.

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