Raphael came to visit..

Teenage mutant Ninja turtles – we had an alligator snapping turtle appear yesterday morning just off the edge of our porch. Crazy times. While I know it has been raining recently – or atleast a couple days, this guy was HUGE. I don’t know where he came from, there isn’t a normal water source for miles.

Amusing part to me, is that P — the animal/reptile lover — also the arguable far more observant of the two of us — completely missed this huge guy in the yard. As I was walking out to the car – I noticed him … Just off the edge of our walk path towards the car. I started pointing frantically, and P got out of the car and was shocked he had missed it.

Turtle is an interesting spirit animal to visit. It had some great messages, reassuring and comforting to me.

Because of the nature of this particular breed of turtle, and because there were four children in the yard just to the left of our house, I got P to tell the parent of these kids about the turtle – which of course the kids heard, and instantly had to come over to see it – so much for best of intentions. Also because the neighbor on the other side has a tendency to let her dog roam free in our yard, I kinda strong armed P into telling that neighbor – the crazy lady – about the turtle too – not wanting a pupper to be injured by this mysterious turtle.

We went out to run some errands, figuring the turtle would do what turtles do, and the neighborhood would likely be safe.

The ring at the front door – as well as the video surveillance we have in the front, alerted us to (as well as showing us precisely the activity and the conversations) our yard being suddenly swarmed by about 6 folks, being led by our neighbor – the crazy lady.

As we neared our house, about five so minutes later, there were two sheriffs stalking our front yard. I made the instant mistake of getting snippy with the police office — P had to shut me down (something I don’t let him do very often, but I always listen when he is doing it, and realized I was completely in the wrong.) I apologized to the police officer, and excused myself to carry in the rest of the stuff from our errands. P handled the rest of the encounter, which included the animal rescue folks that the police had called.

One other minor thing about the crazy lady, as I was walking inside, she says “I called the police” to which I replied “I noticed” probably with a bit more sarcasm than I should have – but to which she laughed?!? Really a laugh?

I was so so angry. The turtle was safe, it wasn’t doing any harm, it wasn’t hurting anyone. It was just resting, it was just in our yard. While ultimately, I feel that the animal rescue was the best choice, and they were taking it to the vet to get checked out as it seemed to potentially be in some distress…. I can’t help but be livid about this neighbor doing this…

This is not the first time, and I’m certain while we live here – it will absolutely not be the last time she decides to exert herself into others business. Its like the time she called the police on my brothers R & C for using a tape measure to confirm that she had INFACT hit one of their cars with her ginormous truck – she called the police and claimed that they were “threatening her” with a stick.

There are worse neighbors I could have, so I guess I should feel gratitude for the fact that she is just crazy. She has alot of family living in her house, and I’ve NEVER had any encounters with ANY of them, its almost like they don’t exist — I’d almost think that they didn’t if the four or five cars that appear and disappear most days from her driveway didn’t rotate position.

It definitely made for a rollercoaster of emotions night. On the plus side, it did enable me to sleep so soundly and restfully as I resolved to feel that the turtle was in capable hands, and getting medical care.

Had the chance today to talk to a friend, and share lamentations about the isolation being hard on social peeps. She was in need of some chatter, by a uncommon source, and I was happy to accomodate. I think we both got in a bit of time for emotional hugs thru conversation points.

It was super nice on one of our errands yesterday – to the farmers market down the road from my house – to be recognized by name, from one of the vendors that sells some of the skin care products that I buy. Its such a little thing, but its really a great feeling. We talked a bit, and she seemed to be doing well.

Its worth noting that the farmers market has grown significantly – but there were less farmers than I’ve ever seen — the booths were swarming with artisans. Of the twenty or so booths, only two were selling farm grown veggies. Crazy things.

I wonder what we will remember about 2020 in ten years. What will appear in the virtual – making the assumption that in ten years probably books won’t be printed anymore – history books about this time. Its an interesting thing to ponder.

The friend is going on a getaway to the beach – Port A – for the next two weeks. She mentioned about her concerns and how she is loading up on cleaning products to “sanitize” the place they are staying – a VRBO as soon as they get there. It will have a view of the ocean just steps away, so it really can’t help but be incredible therapeutic on so many levels. She has promised to send me pictures, and video of the ocean, and I’m a tad jealous of her trip, but mostly I’ll enjoy the comfort that the media provides without the risk of the trip.

Family just got back today from a camping trip. I can’t wait to hear from my favorite nephew how the trip was, he tells get stories – even at five. He has such a lively and energetic spirit it just makes my heart light everytime I talk to him. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

It’s definitely a day of gratitude, and I’m swarming with happiness at the many blessings I have in my life.

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