These dreams go on….

Great song by Heart:

Last night had a dream in phases, it was about a post apocalyptic world – it wasn’t exactly here – here being Round Rock – but it was somewhere that felt very familiar to me. The dream phases were all the same world but they were different snippets.

The first phase was about being in this almost like a ship type of thing – a space craft or airplane but kinda larger – maybe more like an aircraft carrier that was on the land? It wasn’t far on the land but kinda like it had been in the water, and the earth had sorta fluxed and suddenly the spot where it was at, became some sort of an island. It was now suddenly in the middle of a lake. These are parts that inherently in the dream I “knew”… the history of “where” and how I’d gotten there.

There was fighting and unrest in this huge vessel. There were like different factions, the “haves” (HS) and the “have nots” (HN) … of which I was a member. The HN as we will call us – were fighting for rights and freedoms. Rights to “survive” and to advance humanity – but we had very little anything to help us in this fighting – whereas, HS had advanced military tech – like suits and these robotic style huge guns. They also had these mutated animals that were like stalkers.

The dream was about subterfuge, and sneaking into places to “robin hood” or rather, to get things to meet our basic needs like medicines, and foods, and blankets. We were camping and having shifts of guard duty – it felt alot like a D&D game, where I found myself in and out of being third person.

There were alot of little things that seemed important in this dream, including markings and advertisements in some of the places. Mostly the part that struck is that this vessel was like an underground “community” of HS – they had corridors of markets, with stalls, that were empty – we were stealthing thru these areas in the ship that were alot like the underground markets in Shanghai with small stalls, but they were vacant, and dangerous because there were giant bugs, and rabid animals as well as the HS patrols.

The second phase was sort of a jump ahead from when the HN had taken out the HS or rather, had done a Star Wars like tactic to somehow take out their command center, and now the world or the island was all the HN running things, but conditions weren’t really “better” – and I was honored as one of the “heroes” but it basically felt like being a slave to someone else’s agenda. So I had decided to “run away” with a couple of other people who were in agreement with me. I had this giant animal – a cross between a pup and a wolf. It was like a direwolf size, and he was named snape – which was a combination of his favorite things – “Snapping” “Napping” and “sneaking around” …. there were about five of us…. a motley group, and we were searching for a way “across the lake” — because the lake had these mutant shark things, that were fresh water creatures, but were a combination of a shark, an octopus, and a leech. Basically they could sense with echolocation, had the ability to have tentacles that retracted swam their pray and had the ability to suck the life out before resistance was able to be made – and they had fins. Our small group was searching for a few weeks – avoiding the “leadership of the new order of the HN” that were hunting us down – we finally found a shallow area, where we could have Snape test for creatures, and we were able to cross, and found a small place to hide.

This brought about the third phase, which started “sometime” after we had been on the mainland. Apparently it also wasn’t a safe space, as there were patrols and the HS was still quite active here – different sort of HS but still dominant control of society was by the Haves, and the Have Nots were struggling to survive. We were roaming thru streets of a city that felt extremely steam punk – and somewhere I recognized in the dream – it felt like a city that had been bombed – we were stealthy walking down row style streets of extremely old north eastern houses – Victorian style.

We approached the house were were after, because it was a family that I knew – I had apparently, in the dream, been very close with the son of the household. We went in, and the “matron” or head female of the house, didn’t recognize me and she quickly ushered us in – in some sort of “you are part of the resistance” fashion, and walked us to — a space. The bottom of this house had like a grand room – that was formerly in the dream it felt like an earlier phase of my life – this room had been a dance hall – a grand ball room. It was now filled with “cubbies” like cubicles, and this woman ushered us into one – and explained this was her last space. She further explained that it would cost us $80 dollars a week, which I suddenly realized wasn’t an issue for me as I somehow, from somewhere had a huge wad of cash, and I knew I would be able to cover our expense for a significant period of time.

I tried to remind her of who I was, but it apparently didn’t register with her, and I tried to hug her, and she embraced me but it was still as if she was hugging a needy stranger. Her son, my friend, walked down this grand stair case, and as soon as he saw me, as I broke the embrace with his mother, he ran from across the room, picked me up and swung me around – he was a big fellow, but I was also a small waif in this dream. He immediately recognized me, and his embrace was so real and so genuine, I know it woke me a bit in RL — I was able to settle back quickly into the dream and he chastised his mother.

He told her who I was, and reminded her of “who I was” – and she suddenly had an aha moment and said “this is …. some name here” – some things in my dreams are clear, other things are just sorta fuzzy.

She immediately clapped her hands and some robot things appeared in butler outfits, and she told them to guide her “guests” to the suite guest rooms upstairs. The son my friend, was still holding my hand, and trying to keep my attention – his plans for the day forgotten with my arrival.

Unfortunately morning activities for the day came to me around that time as P came to wake me — it had been a long good sleep.

Even though the whole world in the dream was seriously….. well – it felt like somewhat a more dangerous junk yard than I’ve ever seen or watched or encountered – there was still the human spirit rising up to right injustices and to find a way.

The light will always find a way to shine in the darkness – always.

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