A spoon full of sugar…

Helps the medicine go down…. Mary Poppins quote. So the time at home, with P around as a well busy with work but chaperone of sorts – its afforded me the time to do some projects that have sorely been needing done but for reason A or reason Y haven’t gotten done.

Went thru the gianormous – yes thats a new word I’m apparently creating – basket of Pup toys we had – since Starbuck really only plays with 2 – even though he has 6 out and about that ARENT in the basket.

So in the process of “going thru the basket” I realized there were alot of things not dog toys in it – like namely a collection of rocks I had from when I was spending more time focused on “feng shui” in my house – 9 rocks for the nine quadrants that are from my yard that are wrapped in a blue towel – because according to the appropriate precepts, my house is lacking a bit in the blue quadrant – so this was to help amplify it – but these had gotten buried under a ton of other found treasure, and then a literal ton of doggie toys.

We used to have 3 schipperkes – but two have passed on to the green pastures. Starbuck became very concerned when I gathered up all those other toys – he didn’t exactly want them but much like his father – he didn’t want me to throw them away. I opted to go with the concept of “wash them on sanitary setting and see what survives” – this way I could feasible blame the washer whilst at the same time getting rid of some old treasure that just didn’t need to be kept. I mean sure there are a few in that basket that were going in the “keepsake box” but not the majority.

Much to my surprise, all but 1 and it was already bound for the keepsake box, seemed to weather the super hot heat. Go figure. So now I have this ton of doggie toys – clean doggy toys – on top of my dryer waiting for the next avenue of the project. I have managed to get rid of a small broken basket and repurposed the large basket – and basically freed up a ton of space where this giant basket was living in my home.

Now on to the next projects, both of which I had already started but are sorta in a repetitive loop of “I can’t finish this atm for reason xyz” needing some input beyond just me to complete.

The bathroom closet project – which is all spread out neatly on a fold up table in my master bath. The project started after we ripped out the carpet with mold on the side wall – and I decided to “clear out the closet” — well there were a few things that obviously belonged in the closet, and a few things that obviously DID not belong in the closet, and now there is just the “rest” alot of which I feel should probably make it to the pitch pile but my partner in crime aka life – is a little less willing to part with things, and I feel that its in my best interest to let him take the lead most of the time. So this project waits, and waits… and maybe the rain will come down and wash it away – lol — doubtful but always a possiblity.

The kitchen sink project – not a euphemism in this case – we found a leak in the kitchen sink – which unfortunately had apparently been there for a long while, as it was fixed, but the board under the kitchen sink is now — well its a disaster – its green and rotting thru – which is quite inconvenient because my water filtration system “lives” under there and is effectively falling thru the rotting board. This cabinet was also a happy home to all my kitchen and living room cleaning pieces parts – you know the type of things like extra rags, soap products, sprays etc – and now they are all living in a cornucopia of mess on my kitchen table – the new “two people perpetually attending all our meals” – its like we have house guests that just won’t go home. Go away cleaning things – I know we need you – daily but can’t you go live somewhere else? if they can I haven’t found the home yet – best to let this project just live for a bit longer.

All in all the number of projects “completed” certainly outweighs the number in process – but its always the loud voice that is heard – and these are both loud as I see them everytime I go to the kitchen or the bathroom – which as one can imagine is pretty frequently – they have become my long lost adopted children. Its okay projects, I still love you even if you are the bane of my existence right now – I’ll get you finished soon.

On all the other fronts, its not raining so we are just enjoying the sun for today. I like being alive – it brings a smile to my face, and a smirk to my lips in a blissful sense of enjoyment.

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