THINGS that go bump in the night

Have always had … versatile dreams. Some that told a story, some that let me work things out – some that were prophetic – some that told a history – some that were just purely fantasy … .many many types of dreams for many types of times.

Was awoken early today after a very odd nightmare. My nightmares tend to be from what I’ve allowed myself to be exposed to, and an expression of feelings I’d rather not be experiencing. Either due to them being inconvenient, not tactful, not appropriate, or just generally irreconcilable. Round pot in a Square hole type of thing …

Tonights Nightmare was one of those things. My neighbors, I call them the tree killer family – mostly they got this nickname, because the very first action they took upon moving in – I’m not even sure the moving had commenced, but within the first 1-2 days of them actually “owning” this house, was to chop down trees. I watched the neighbors that had lived in that house nearly 20 years ago when we moved into our house, I watched this woman and her husband plant all these trees. Watched them water and tend them thru hot summer and cold winter days. Watched them turn from little sprouts into full grown trees. This man, this family the new one, the first thing they felt was a priority for their new house was to immediately chop down trees.

Not going to lie, this set a tone with me that I’m not sure is overly malleable. Trees are important. They cover unsightly things, they camo areas between houses that in suburbia are built entirely too close. They camo construction in back areas. They provide needed shade for grass, and wildlife, they provide oxygen. They have and tell a story of the seasons, the weather, and the overall atmosphere of a place. They provide oxygen, and they take a very long and slow time and process to grow. This family, this tree killer family, chose these things to set the tone for their new life – I mean what sets this tone? It isn’t like we have septic that the roots could possible be damaging, they are way far in the back so there is no way the roots were hitting the house foundation or branches leaning into that, they were camoing the electric box, but still allowing access. I have thought thru in the few years since this has occured to try and rationalize this action. What possible could have motivated it. I still seek to do this…. figure out some logic that makes it an understandable action. To me, it was nothing more than a peepee action, the guy had to show off his big peepee by chopping down some wood. Well sir, you have done it and you will forever in my mind be named the tree killer, and your entire household will be the tree killers. The tree killer wife – who walks the dog typically twice a day, which I find rather endearing. The tree killer daughter, who screams loudly and annoyingly and bosses the other children, shrill sound to her voice. The tree killer son, who doesn’t talk much but its usually excited when he does, seems to enjoy the outside quite a bit – I wonder if you would have enjoyed those trees. And tree killer dog, who likes to sneak thru the fence and torment Starbuck – I know buddy your trying mostly to make friends, I’ve seen your action when you come to my back door to show off your escapism prowess, and also to beg me for treats, but go home to your family and stop scaring my dog.

Sufficed to say, the nightmare was about this tree killer family. First the tree killer dog had escaped into my lawn <again> this happens a couple times a month. I happened to be outside, and I walked him thru the fence gate, which was wide open – oddly but the lawn guy had come today, so the thought that ran thru my dreaming mind was “oh he left it open, good catch, I can close it”….. As I got to the gate to close it, there was a pile of crap/trash/discarded furniture and chotchkis stacked – a larger stack – on the outside of my garage, just beyond the gate – if I hadn’t noticed the gate open it might have been some time before we noticed this nonsense stacked here. It was clearly discarded nonsense, and clearly stacked in a place out of sight out of mind, but clearly our place, not the TK family place.

This made me very angry. Probably more angry than it should have to be honest. Typically I’d just deal with it, but with conditions in the world as they are, no way I’m touching other peoples nonsense with out some sort of protection, and more importantly deal with your own nonsense peeps, I don’t need another reason to have more than just apathy towards you. I went in and told P & R – they were livid as well, I went back and I knocked on the door, tree kill family all presented at the door. Tree killer himself was laughing or trying to stifle a laugh. I immediately said, what are you doing, and why is your garbage outside of my house? No answer came forth. the wife started laughing, the kids less so, clearly they had been the ones to do the heavy lifting for this stuff, and they could see it was moving again time soon. I expressed an ultimatum. I told them either move the stuff or I was calling the police, they had ten minutes to comply. I had other issues I was dealing with and I didn’t need this nonsense in my life.

As the dream progressed….. The trash started disappearing, I started going into the house, and my water bottle was suddenly lost. I was spending a large amount of time searching for this water bottle, I was thirsty and it was one of those things I try to keep with me regularly so I have a means of accommodating my thirst. One would have thought that the trash being removed would have been the end, but NOT SO! R came to inform me that perhaps I should come back outside, as there was clearly more to this story onfolding.

As I went back outside, the garage – our garage was open, and they had started filling in “other trash – other furniture, chotchkies, and the like” — I’m calling this trash, it was very donatable stuff, but it was “stuff” not mine, not ours, used, dirty, and basically in need of “being dealt with” – NOT BY ME. And they were stuffing my garage full – I should say “more full” as my garage was already pretty full – overstuffing my garage with this nonsense, so much so – even in this brief period of time, so that it was flowing out into the driveway, which was suddenly larger, with lots of space for this stuff, because it just kept going and going, there was just so much of it. Because as I picked up the phone and called the police, and they ended up transferring me to Costco? – who apparently has a service for dealing with these types of “issues” – The “costco” lady showed up and explained to the tree killer family – who had been laughing and smug the entire time, that they would need to remove this stuff, and deal with it. And there was some confusion about where their “stuff” ended and ours began. I was just so so overwhelmed and confused, and frustrated. I recall these feelings very well.

After all the things had been moved, and the tree killer family returned to their home – I’ve no idea where they moved the things to, they just suddenly disappeared – solving my issue. I woke up, with an odd sense of confusion. Overall, I’m calling it a nightmare, because the thought of this occurring is truly frightening to me – such is the works of nightmares. But overall, it has left me dazed and confused? What is my subconscious trying to teach me? Every dream has a meaning, even if its telling you “don’t eat that crap so late at night” – this isn’t one of those cases, but still. What meaning is there in this dream?

I know I have a full day today, and it was extremely hard to get back to sleep but I did manage a couple more hours after, even if that was all I could get…. Tests are today, and second hormone suppression shot. Its kinda a long annoying day, but R has volunteered to accompany me, which should make it alot better, nicer, and overall great.

I made soup yesterday, it turned out super great, and I’m sharing it with family. Ive been using a lot more coriander, as there was a study in Israel about Coriander and Lemon helping the body resolve cancer. It tastes good and has healthy benefits to my body, whats not to love. For now, I’m going to go relax, and try not to obsess too much on this dream, or the activities of the day, they will unfold on their own in a few hours without my struggling to control them.

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