Up and down, like the see-saw of life.

I remember see-saws, playing at the playground – in the forced recess or outside time – never much my favorite, I think I was born 20 years too early sometimes. We had parks and things, other forced outside time. I’ve always been an inside bird – conversation with adults wasn’t something boring to me it was a learning opportunity. Watching, and listening to the conversation, usually about things that were a little over my head, but not for long. My mind has always put pieces together – often times incorrectly at first, but settling them into a jigsaw picture that proceduced something that for my mind at least, seemed logical.

This seeming logical for my brain, is something that other people will always struggle with – I can see lines and patterns, and pathways that most people can’t or chose not to perceive. Its like there are railway stations of opportunities that course thru our lives, with so many trains and rails not taken. I frequently talk about pathways. Its very common for our energy to be at crossroads. We are light beings, energy being, that are in a tangible matter for for a – well universally speaking a brief period of existence. The pathways for the energy are always there, some of them we take with our physical forms. When I say life is like a game, it is – this brief period is our “time” to be playing it. When we go back to energy, we spectate, much like watching a Youtuber/streamer doing gaming. Its still enjoyable, there are many more things to do in that form, but its not the same as actually having your hands on the controller, and pushing the buttons yourself.

When you push the buttons within your physical body – when you chose to take this turn or that – go to this store, or that place – say hi to this person – smile or frown – get angry or frustrated. All of these choices are setting you down one path or another. Some paths are easier, some paths are more challenging. They all eventually lead to the same place, but the scenery and experience is very different along many of them.

The choice of path is based upon perception, and personal history within this physical form – not the light form – because it has the cheat codes. It “knows” the correct or most enjoyable path. The trick is to remember, that the personal history is bias, judgemental, and often times wrong. Just because 1+1 used to equal 2 and sometimes still does equal 2 – that doesn’t mean it always will produce that result —— Parents know for a fact that 1 + 1 actually equals 3 – and then 4 and then 5 — very different from the “logic” that tells you 1+1=2 — neither are correct, and neither are wrong, they are entirely perspective based.

In addition to time being a limiter, perception is a limiter – most people are unable to rationally perceive that time doesn’t exist, and neither does perception – they are both just confines of the “game” that we are playing – much like playing monopoly with out the board and the boot would be… well, *smiles sweetly* I’d like to try that sometime, I happen to know most of the positions by heart – this has always been one of my favorite board games – each side has 10 spots – 2 colors, 1 train, 1 community thing that is good, 1 community thing that is bad — I wonder if I could imagine the board enough to do this — In much the same way that having the board and the boot or the dog or the house – to play with …. having our physical body and the senses we perceive as real to experience aka play – this game are helpful. Doesn’t change the fact that is is entirely possible to “play” without using any of them.

There are a plethora of people that have a sense missing – they have entered into this existence with the reality of no sight or sound or arms to touch – and they play just fine – the game is very different for them – but its still the same game. Make a choice, experience something, ramifications of that choice as you are moved along a path. What if you decided, in the moment to change the path? What if you were able to perceive the other path, and you just stopped conforming to the expected result of the path you were on?

That is what I am doing. I call it “curing” cancer, but its more like – I’m working on stepping from one path to another. Sick to healed. Labels for things – names are useful – when you are talking or playing with other people, but the feelings, the emotions, the the believes or spiritual connections/cords of them are a lot more helpful when you are dealing only with yourself.

I am far from an expert at many many things – its 100% accurate to say I am more of a novice then an expert. However, I know how to access, and tap into the infinite pool of expertise, and the unlimited cosmic power of the genie in the lamp or — in my example of Monopoly – the bank 🙂 = btw, if you ever play monopoly never ever let me be the banker – this is something my friends and family learned relatively early – or rather, sometimes never learned and could never understand why I always won…… My definition of cheating is very different from other peoples. Its only really cheating if it takes from another persons existence or experiences, and somehow diminishes them – taking away someone else choice is somehow one of the biggest cheats of all – this is why I’d never really make a good parent, because I feel often, that in raising a child the best possible way, its somehow a requirement that you do this on the daily for protection, learning and generally for raising good healthy well balanced citizens – My mind and heart however can’t help reconcile this concept with the logic of the fact that its for me “cheating” them out of having the learning/experience/knowledge of their very own – This is probably why children of my own were not in the cards and this is a self revelation I’m having in the moment – so kinda an interesting one – Thanks Blog! and thanks to Richard Reeves for inspiring me thru a tactic of flattery – Yes Ego is strong with this one lol – to keep trying to do this more regularly.

I feel strongly the sun will come up today – in a few hours, I feel strongly that it will set this evening. These may not happen, but they are logical, and in this existence they are the most likely path. Many paths in our lives/game are likely and obvious. That doesn’t mean they are best, or the one we should chose. It also doesn’t mean they are the only one to chose. Just because everyone calls a thing a thing doesn’t mean its a thing. It could be a flower, even if it seems like a bee. Change your perception, change your world. I am choosing to feel strong, be strong, and be healthy. Somedays, it will and is harder than others, but not today team, not today.

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