Im a survivor

In November i heard about this new advancement – a new treatment passing out of stage two clinical trials. Friend showed me an article i also received an email notification about the youtube from the scientists doing the clinical trials. They were sharing their findings at a symposium in San Antonio. Reading about this new drug was inspiring. It was very promising and showing super promising results.

Fast forward to December and the drug was fast tracked and approved by the FDA – seems others also thought it was showing results that were over and above.

I gathered the information and carried it to take it into my oncologist. She entered the room so excited to share some information about the same drug!! She too had heard and read about it and wanted to gauge my interest. She felt confident she could get it for me but that i might have to travel to San Antonio (where the trials are in phase three) or Houston (MD Anderson) every three weeks for my treatments.

Fast forward to getting approved and the first treatment starting tomorrow. She was able to get the treatment at my normal office.

A few things about this is that its a new sort of chemo. Their trial cases are people in my condition, and they are just having very good results. I feel very hopeful for positive results and here is to being in the 65% with little to no sideeffects and just super effective long term results.

We went to kerbey lane today – and one of my favorite waitresses bought my breakfast! Its one of my favorite places for breakfast/lunch and this was an amazing treat. – just another example of bliss in this decade of gratitude.

I am strong. I am working to help my body stay strong and fight cancer and heal itself. Some days i get some hiccups, learn to get past those and endeavor to let them help me be stronger. I will beat this, just gotta keep learning until i master it.

Currently im working towards my next blissful trip the end of April- p is taking me to the little haystack in Oregon- pretty excited about this prospect- just have to get strong enough to enjoy the trip!

More again soon when i have outtakes from the new treatment.

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