In every generation there is one man with a vision….

Since I have started this blog, the title has nearly always come first. Today I feel like talking, but I’m not sure precisely where I’m going with these thoughts. There are some things I went to document for myself, that while they aren’t new concepts or strange things, they somehow link together and form this interesting quilt in my head right now, and I want to remember them.

First, energy, neither created nor destroyed, it just is, and it changes form, shape and position. It doesn’t go away, it just moves to somewhere else.

Second, concept of what you surround yourself with you get more of…. Like the adage that the people you surround yourself with, your closest friends are a reflection of what you are… Like begets like…. Yawns are contagious, tired makes tired, happy makes happy… it all coalesced into a sameness in a particular spot.

Third concept, self care. Fastening your own seat belt, or putting on your own oxygen before you try and help others. It logically makes sense, but its a concept I struggle with sometimes, because Love makes me feel that someone else is more worth of my efforts for saving than necessarily myself.

So, I have all of these loving well meaning people in my life, that thru the nature of my situation, and condition “ARE” my “people” I am spending my time with them more and more, day in and day out, and it means that reflexively I am a reflection of them… their ideals, their strengths, their weaknesses. There struggles are mine, as mine are theirs.

We are all connected, all aligned, that concept of energy is so true, it isn’t lost or seperate. We are all connected. When the mother is rushing to an appt, and she cuts you off, and nearly causes an accident, when the guy is distracted by a song on the radio and almost runs into the pedestrian. When we hear or see someone do something we know they shouldn’t have, or maybe it causes us to feel someway we would rather not. We are all connected. These things are not random, they are not chance. They are energy.

Lifeforce, and a reminder that just because we are having an XYZ – maybe its good maybe its bad, day… someone else maybe having a ABC day, that is not ours to experience, but somehow with us having our day and them having their day, its all connected.

There is a balance in life. For every action there is an opposite reaction. (Physics)

Life is filled with small little moments of time, where we make choices. Each of these choices has an impact on us, and a ripple to our circle of influence, and then outwards to the circles of influence that our energy impacts. Whether its with our words, spoken in harsh tones, or our thoughts and actions in positive harmony of help. Each of us has an impact, each of us has a voice, we all are energy concentrated into a chaotic messy package of body, mind, heart and spirit.

Its not so much why we are this way… but what we will allow ourselves to do with this knowledge, this insight, this infinite cosmic power. We have infinite cosmic power, there is no limitation on what we “can” do… there are only limitations on what we believe we are capable of doing, and often the reasons for those are not only ambiguous, but false. The time for limitations was often in childhood to allow for growth. I suppose there is something to be said for the fact that we are always in childhood – as there is always someone older, wiser, and more mature than we are… but the limitations for safety of getting to adulthood are over.

I’m requesting the universe to attract more stronger healing energy my direction. I want people with this strength, that have healed, that are strong, that are healthy and that want to keep growing thru helping heal into my circle.

To people in my circle of influence I will echo the same drum, the best support you can give to me is to take care of yourself. Your energy example of self care is the love and sustenance I need to help me keep strong.

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