Crowded Spaces

So yeah there are times in life when you have periods of extended ecstasy, these are easy to recognize in hindsight when you are in the periods of the other things, which we will lovingly define as challenges. Sometimes the periods are longer for either of these and sometimes the period is shorter for these, but then tend to ebb and flow from one to the other, and only retrospective defines truly whether they were one or the other. Atleast this is how it has been for me…

Until now.

Now I seem to be stuck in what I’m hoping will be considered in hindsight a challenging period, because if this is a period of ecstasy then I’m thinking its time to turn in that hat, and never walk that pathway again.

Some things, and stuff have happened, and areas I had figured were going to be sleeping silently decided to wake and show their shiny faces…. so I’ve been exploring all new areas of myself that I hadn’t known existed, and I’m finding some I like and some I don’t know what to do with…

For example, I’ve finally decided I like beer – not like before where I enjoyed some beers – more like they taste different now. I can taste layers of flavors in them that I had never noticed before.

Coffee tastes better, it has alot more depth.

Garlic – something I’ve always been epic in love with – now suddenly burns, not in the necessarily horrible bad way, but surprisingly not in the amazingly good way either.

Hot foods, which I’ve always had a high tolerance for – memories of ghost pepper burgers with extra sauce from only a few years back ringing in my mind – are now squashed – much above mild is now so hot I burn in a rather painful way — not that I’m anti pain for the sake of some things, but pain in taste, where the pain is overriding to the flavors is not a good thing.

Its like I can suddenly taste pheromones….. I can walk into a room or bar, or club and taste the feeling of sex and discontent on the air… I can sense it with my mouth – its the oddest feeling, but I can sort of feel it now, and its a very very oddish weird feeling.

While its appealing in many ways, when I am sitting at a happy hour to just feel the relaxation and the … exchanges going on around me — its quite disconcerting when in a conference room with dissatisfied individuals – or at a doctors office.

I’ve been overflow in my head for months now, but I’ve managed to avoid having to blog about this, by perpetually spamming random friends with a stream of consciousness to clear overflow. To all of those friends that I’ve overwhelmed with randomness of the moment, my bad.

Just trying to figure out a topic to keep my mind in one place long enough to clear mental cache and move on.

Met some interesting people though – through the stream of consciousness. One of them is even biblical. More on that later.

I need to figure out somewhere to drive my van – yes I have a van. Its Square, and its been recently cleaned and its ready to rumble, just haven’t figured out how to drag race with it yet – and until I do I think it will sit comfortable parked in the garage.

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