Losing your kibbles and other hidden gems

That expression “Losing your shit”… is so amusing to me, its sort of the antithesis of what it normally means.

When you lose something, particularly when its “shit” — typically your happy about this, I mean who doesn’t like a decent BM now and again.

Losing something can sometimes be positive or negative, depending upon if the lost noun is something you were hoping to maintain or were glad to be rid of…

That expression of “losing your shit” … going nuts, just well, it just makes me laugh. I’ve been around people who have lost their shit, and let me just tell you — its sometimes scary in the moment, but its normally amusing, because the things people tend to lose their shit over, are so so not worth the amount of poo being tossed around.

For example, the lady that loses her shit over her drink being wrong at Starbucks – I mean, what does that even mean?

The guy that loses his shit over someone cutting in front of him and taking his space…

Small universe vs Large universe.

Its interesting to me that “spending” also has a similarly odd element to it also…

I mean in the small universe, no one would think much at all of putting an extra coin into a vending machine to help a friend, but donate 1000 dollars to a cause that feeds thousands… well, we don’t treat these things the same way.

Magnanimous and Over-reactive in the micro –> Aloof and Ambivalent in the macro…..

The illusion of self has us all confused, and confirmed to thinking only in the micro –> hidden away from the pure reality of the macro — the oneness of everything all together.

The balance of things. Always makes me think of that see-saw thing, where when we are up, someone else is by very definition down, and when we are down, someone else is up… the trick is to see the up and down as one and the same, and to embrace them both.

I dunno, maybe its just humor 101 for me today 🙂 Weird moments of oddity seem to be prolific around me recently… here is to hoping that the beat continues to go on…

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