Passions and oddly perfect career paths

In another life, where money was only slightly more free then it is now, I could totally see my perfect profession being the hostess of a Hugh Hefner style mansion, with a perpetual night club party atmosphere.

Listening to my favorite Pandora Radio Station “Pitbull Radio” the thought suddenly struck me that I would love to own a night club. The pure reality of the logistics aside, being able to listen to dance music and enjoy the company of people inspired and driven by music to move is rather an intoxicating thought.

Being able to sit and monitor and watch the action is an overly appealing thought to me. While the idea of dancing and grinding to the music is not unappealing, I think it would be secondary to the enjoyment of feeling the energy and general sense of the atmosphere in that type of situation.

The heady feeling of mingling through people lost in the moment of sensation and motion. Dancing and playing, mingling, vying for attention.

A friend a few months back shared a guilty pleasure with me, one of his very own, and while this was not to my particular taste, it did sort of leave me pondering, and I think tonight I started to touch on it with this idea of a night club slash play girl mansion.

I’m not saying it would be precisely like the infamous playboy mansion – but somewhere where co-ed folks went for nights filled with really really good music, dancing away hours, and like minded individuals of the same thought and spirit. Sort of a tribute to Bacchus from a female perspective, representing both the sensual and sexual nature of men and women through music, dance and expressionism.

Maybe I just need a good night out to a night club – hard to say – but I do know that the reality of the experience, from historical personal experience, would probably take away this lovely imaginary fantasy I have right now — I mean its rare that there isn’t someone puking drunk, its rare that there isn’t some ungodly line at the restroom where you have to carefully avoid touching anything for fear of contracting some highly contagious this or that, its rare that the place isn’t miserable steamy hot from all the flesh and the inability of the modern methods to maintain a sub zero temperature…. there is also always the possibility that someone else would have a different opinion of “good music” from my own… No, no, I suspect I’m better off in my fantasy world of a lovely estate type house, that is a pleasure trove of famous musicians and little know talent for latin style, reggaeish dance hip hop music that holds 24/7 festival style events, with lots of large dance hall space for dancing, and on hand seeded members to keep the atmosphere consistent and allow for mingling by the regular guests in a consistent upbeat party.

Tried out a bottle of wine tonight that we have had for a few years – 2006 – turned out quite nice, was quite a treat actually, the wine fridge made itself a worth while purchase tonight. Thanks wine fridge for keeping it real since 2006. May there be many more years and many more enjoyable vintages to come forth from your safe haven.

As might have been guessed, my head is still a little froggy from the day – we could blame it on the wine, but I’d think thats somewhat unlikely — easier to blame it on the crazy ebb and flow of the dynamic days of late. Company sales are never a dull moment. Welcome to the new world for my job. Apparently I have a new title – interesting that seems to be a significant promotion but this is the first I’m hearing of it, and now I’m dreading what additional work this new title may entail that I’ve been arbitrarily committed unto – but tomorrow is another day, and its always a reassuring thing to have a recently polished resume close at hand.

Now if I could seem to only recall how to use one of those recently re-polished resumes I might be in a significantly less stressful position.

Here is hoping that tomorrow brings more clarity, less chaos and equality of purposes.

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