Second verse the same as the first

So beginning again, two steps back, one step forwards. Lets see how well this will work.

Finally after a week of effort, I have a blog of my very own – of course, there are many tweaks, and kinks to be resolved, and I’m still working out some of those details here and there, and probably will be for a few weeks — since this is a sideline thing for me.

Goes back to an article I read the other day about doing things that you are hungry for… hungry vs passionate — meaning you will constantly enjoy feeding things you are hungry for, because if your hungry for something you have an unquenchable appetite to achieve it.

I’m hungry for self expression, and for self reflection – and for generally speaking my mind in an open environment.

I’m hungry for story telling, and tale weaving, these are things I’ve always been hungry for – its more than just a passion, its a hunger.

Hence the need to have my own space, my own writing forum, my own blog.

Welcome to the whole new world.

Chapter one, in which we allow for independent self expression, less adulterated. Curious how this will work itself out.

I’ve ideas galore, now its time to pen some, and to feed this hunger at regular intervals – its part of who I am, and bluntly its been a sorely neglected part for a very long time.

Back to treasuring time verses calculating and trying to horde it.

Expect surprises, expect stories – short and long – expect random thoughts, expressions, and streams of consciousness – expect the unexpected. Hopefully you will find yourself entertained, and laugh more than you cry.

May these words not offend, may these posts bring about wisdom, blessings, love and light.

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